Wednesday, October 21, 2009

Thanks for the Wisdom

First, thanks to all the "metalheads" who responded to my questions yesterday. Great advice and lots to think about. Time permitting, I'm going to attempt my first LOS experiment this weekend so stay tuned for much hi-larity on the blog next week as I write about my experiences.

I will probably end up oxidizing my hair by accident or something equally ridiculous.

In the meantime, I finished a few more of the daisy pieces:

These are the earrings that go with the brown daisy necklace.

For those who were confused by my oh-so-excellent- powers of description in referring to these metal beads as "pod beads", well, this is what I meant. Those open-work brass thingies at the top of the earrings. Which I like so much that I made an extra trip to a different Michael's last night to buy more of.

And oh yes, I DID end that last sentence with a preposition. Whatcha gonna do about it?

In case anyone else is planning a Michael's trip, I'll save you the trouble: I've cleaned out the Aliso Viejo and Santa Ana stores. They are now pod-less.

I finished another daisy necklace. Try not to compare this one to the brown one as they are TOTALLY different in style.

Okay, tell me this cool...or ugly? I'm flip-flopping on it...which usually means I've spent too much time contemplating it and can't be objective (perfectionist, remember?)

Of course, you can't say anything bad about LeAnn's gorgeous daisy pendant. Any ugliness of the necklace was all the fault of yours truly.

I think part of my problem is that I liked the first necklace SO MUCH, but I didn't want to just repeat the exact same design. I almost never re-make an exact copy of anything. I get bored and want to move on. However, that first one was such a home run (in my mind) that it seems like anything else I do is kind of pale in comparison. This is the THIRD version of this teal necklace that I have tried...took the other two apart because they were blech-y (a technical jewelry designer term).

Closeup of the shell donuts (see, Erin, I told you I'd already bought some and used 'em LOL!)

There are two smaller teal daisy charms that match this pendant that I was originally going to put in this necklace, but I ended up deciding it was too busy. I'm going to make smaller necklaces out of them, I think.

If you look really closely, you can see my first wire-worked hook clasp at the top of the picture (kind of peeking out from the pile of chain). I ended up taking it off because it's too bright and needs to be patinated and I don't have time to do that before I have to turn in this necklace to (hopefully) be sold tomorrow at mom's PEO meeting. I replaced it with a large copper lobster clasp that matches the patina on the chain. I also shortened the extension chain after I took these pictures because it was too long - I had kind of gone nuts with it.

Didn't get the matching earrings finished in time for the photo session (it got too dark out), but they have a copper leverback top, then a teal shell donut and then a white shell bead with a copper daisy spacer as a dangle - sort of mimicking the side section of the necklace.

Okay, I'm putting on my fireproof suit. Critique away.



dochoamom said...

Looks good. No fireproof suit needed.... That includes your clasp..

Just one thing... LOL but not about this (whew) when using LOS at the classes I have taken I notice some people use a paintbrush instead of dropping the whole piece in...

Have fun Kelly !!!

SummersStudio said...

KJ, you are on a roll. I love this necklace! Love all of the repeating circles in it. The clasp is fab. Makes me want to get out my wire. But I have clay to do. Darn and drat. Hope it sells!

TesoriTrovati said...

YOu and I are on the same wavelength sister! I love the POD beads... good to know I don't have to drive around in CA looking for them... you haven't made it up to Plover, WI yet have you? I am heading there right away!
Of all the daisy pieces you have made, this last one is the one that I would choose. I think because the color palette is a bit unexpected. I like this one the best (especially the donuts, yum).
Now don't go crazy flinging LOS on everything you can get your hands on... but then again, you might come up with some wonderful new technique that you have to share!
Enjoy the day, KJ!
Erin *wink*

Davinia said...

I love the daisy necklace, it's gorgeous.

Marie Cramp said...

The necklace is fantastic!! I love it! The mix of metal with the daisy pendant is just perfect!

Hope it sells...


Lisa said...

It's friggin outrageously gorgeous. The fine line between ugly and fabulous is one I'm always willing to tread. Even if I'm on the wrong side of it, better that than boringingly ordinary.
Admiringly, Lisa