Thursday, October 15, 2009

I've got sunshiiiiine...

...on a cloudy day.

Okay, so this afternoon is not cloudy, but this morning was and so was yesterday and the day before. But now that our brief bout with actual weather has passed (thank God - the apocalypse has been averted and we can all go back to driving like we know how to operate our vehicles), I thought it was time for a really "sunny" project:

I've had these lampwork beads in my stash for like...FOREVER. I think they were one of the first sets I ever bought way back in the distant and misty past of the beginning of my jewelry-making career. I'm pretty sure they came from eBay and I'm pretty sure the artist's "handle" was Luna Beads, but over time, they managed to get separated from the label I put on them so I'm not 100% sure.

I added some Czech glass flowers in sunny yellow, some Swaro crystals in shades of blue and green to match the lampwork and lots of bright sterling silver.

I also added some pod-like Bali silver beads to kind of go with the garden theme.

A closeup on the beads - because who doesn't like to see lampwork REALLY CLOSE UP? Just don't get drool on the screen.

I got these 7" sterling silver bracelet chains several years ago from Rio Grande. I just keep a pile of 'em around and when I need a pretty quick fix, I just grab on and embellish the heck out of it with dangles. It makes for a simple design, but honestly, I've had more compliments on this style of bracelet than anything else I've ever done. I have one I wear to work all the time that has cane glass dangles and crystals in shades of orange, yellow and lime and people try to buy it right off my wrist all the time.

The only thing I've never been 100% crazy about is the clasp that comes with them. It's a pretty small and difficult to manipulate lobster clasp. So I usually change it out. For this bracelet, I used a larger, more rounded lobster with a more prominent latch and I added a larger jump ring for it to attach to. Then I save the smaller lobster claws for very delicate necklaces.

One last look - I love the bright yellow of these beads and the flowers on them are so cute.

Don't forget to come back tomorrow for Friday Bead Porn.



mairedodd said...

very purty! you keep reminding me of stuff my brother says... he told me a number of years ago that people cannot drive in southern cali when it rains... funny for me, irritating for you!

SummersStudio said...

This is lovely and very lively. A perfect sunny day!

lunedreams said...

Love it! Just what I needed. I too am thinking color color! Great minds. I find the charm-style ones get a lot of love too, I like to make those.