Tuesday, February 23, 2010

HELP! Calling all lampworkers!

Okay, so, I finally found something in my stash of lampwork that is the right COLOR, but the beads aren't the right size or shape nor do I have enough of them sooooo...I'm trying to contact the original seller.

In the meantime, however, because I have zero patience when it comes to all things beady, I thought I'd ask here and see if anyone knows the name of this glass color:

I would call it an "opal-like" color because it has that translucent glow and it's on the fence between a pale blue and an aqua.

Here's a pic I took with my scanner, but I'm not sure how true I got the color to look:

Those "nugget" shaped beads in the picture are what I want, except I need 'em bigger - like 10-12mm size.




carolyn said...

It looks like Moretti aqua opalino to me......it's not an odd lot or scarce...

kelleysbeads said...

Pretty sure those are beads using opalino sky blue glass. I've got some of it in my glass cabinet, but haven't used my opalino glass in ages. Perhaps this is a nudge to pull it out and play.

Gardanne said...

How does this look, I have some of this glass if you need to place an order let me know. Check out some of the other CIM colors on this site they have quite a few varieties.
Good luck.


Narrative jewelry said...

May be Kryptonite at CIM ? Anyway it is a beautiful colour.