Wednesday, February 17, 2010

Space...The Final Frontier

My dear friend Erin of Tesori Trovati is having this really cool "Inspired by...Space" challenge on her blog for February. Go check it out - you have until Feb 28th to enter.

When I first started thinking about the challenge, I knew I wanted to incorporate this amazing pendant from Bastille Bleu:

I was going to use it as an asymmetrical focal of a necklace and surround it with some individual lampwork beads in different colors to represent different types of planets and other galactic objects. However, the more I played around with the design, the more I realized that, again, I had two different things going on.

One is a very simple necklace to show off the beauty of this incredible focal bead:

And yeah, I know, simple and symmetrical have sort of become anathema in the jewelry world lately, but I maintain that there's always room for an elegant, classic design...I mean, there's a reason it's a classic, right?
So I chose a simple palette of black onyx rounds to represent the vast empty distances of space and added a couple of touches of Bali silver and white shell beads to show the pinprick lights of distant stars. A couple of jet black Swarovski crystals and a sterling silver box clasp set with onyx complete the design.
I then took a series of totally crap pictures in the dark with shadows which I am now inflicting upon you.

The pendant makes me think I'm standing on some distant, empty desert planet staring out at star-sprinkled space while a crescent moon rises overhead.
The other design is proving to be more difficult to execute - getting all those wildly different elements together in one piece without it being garish or overdone is proving to be a challenge.
Which is why I don't have pictures yet, but I will get it done in time for the challenge deadline.
I'm determined!
Be very afraid!
P.S. Erin - do I get extra points for working the crescent moon in?


Leslie @ Bei Mondi said...

Great job, I'm liking that moon. What a striking lampwork focal.

SummersStudio said...

With a gorgeous focal like this I think a symetrical design is perfect. No reason to run with the pack. Your design gives that focal the 'space' it needs. Beautiful and classic.

SueBeads said...

I agree with you Kelly - classic and symmetrical are always nice! Great job!

TesoriTrovati said...

I am doing a little happy dance.
Crescent moon? You had me at hello.
I am adoring that bead. It is dynamite. Thank you so much for playing in the Inspired By challenge. I am so excited to see all the great results. And eagerly awaiting #2 entry.
I think that there is definitely a place for simple, classic, elegant AND symmetrical. You pulled it off beautifully my dear!
Enjoy the day!

Marie Cramp said...

Wow Kelly!! It's really beautiful! Classic in every way!! I need you to send me your address btw, I have something to send you. that is my public e-mail.



Sabine Brunner said...

Wow this is a beautiful necklace. Great work!