Friday, February 05, 2010

Lock the Door...

...and turn the lights down low.

It's Bead Porn time!

As you know, I've been collecting beads in brighter colors lately. Don't know if it's a response to the winter weather or just trying to cheer myself up or what, but I just seem to be really craving color - the brighter, the better. This cute green flower from Little Cup on Etsy totally fits the bill.

And I got a cute little coordinating round bead to go with it.

Still in the ceramic world, but with a totally different feel - these triangular, floral links with multiple holes are from Round Rabbit on Etsy. I'm picturing swags of chain or pearls (or both!) strung between them. Yum!

Another great ceramic link from Round Rabbit. I love the cool blue color and it's so great that she provides multiple holes so the possibilities for linking or dangles are endless!

This beautiful heart pendant in deep green featuring a cute bird design is also from Round Rabbit.

Bronze daisy pendant from Summer's Studio. I loved how much my "Bronze Lotus" necklace came out using one of her pendants that I demanded (er, asked politely) if she'd make more bronze pieces and voila! Now this gorgeous design lives at my house :-)

Cute little bronze dragonfly charms - also from Summer's Studio.

And lastly, a bronze gingko pendant. Didn't she do a wonderful job fulfilling my wish for more bronze? Yay!

But, a girl can't live by bronze alone and I will always be a "silver" kinda gal in my soul. This cute heart charm is from Cathy Dailey on Etsy.

Dragonfly charm from Cathy Dailey.

Flower charms from Cathy Dailey.

Green tiger eye from GemmeTresor. I just couldn't resist this color.

And then I saw this rainbow tiger eye at the same vendor. Delicious!

Lots more colors and shapes of dyed jade and quartz.

Beautiful cherry boro glass beads from Atlantis Glass & Bead. They are on Etsy and make great silver and other metal findings and components as well as lampwork!

These stunning lentil disk beads are from Gardanne Glass on Etsy. I love the way the color appears to run and drip across the beads. Awesome!

These unusual "thick" disks are from HMB Studios on Etsy. I just love the colors - exactly like the margarita glasses at my favorite Mexican restaurant where the gree glass melts into a blue color on the rim.
Speaking of which - I need a drink now! Is it time for Happy Hour yet?
Have a good weekend, everyone!


Cynthia said...

Door's locked! There are so many pretty pretty beads! Love the porcelain! Love the tiger's eye! Love the bronze! Very nice haul.
I'm new to your blog, but I'm hooked on the bead porn and your wit.
I read an older post: Are you still doing the verification word meanings? "begas" = Begas can't be choosas!

Katie said...

What lovely porn! I may not always comment, but I always look forward to the new bead discoveries you will have for us every Friday :o) Such lovely pretties!

And, BTW, I LOVE LeAnn's work - I have quite the stash here at my house...I could almost open a shop at this point...

EmandaJ said...

Woohoo, youza! Now I have to go take a cold shower.


SummersStudio said...

Hey there, thanks for including my little bronze bits. I loved your lotus necklace too. Note to self: must make more bronze because Kelly is so good with it. But what I am really, really in love with are those rasberry lamp work beads. They make me hungry. said...

I love this post! So many bits and pieces to oogle over. I have to get one of those bronze pendants from summersstudios.

greenbead said...

I love your bead porn posts! Such great stuff!