Wednesday, February 10, 2010

To Do's...

...that I don't wanna do.

1. I don't want to make another trip to the store for a second package of Valentine's cards for an extra Valentine's Day party that is tomorrow but which I just found out about today (thanks, kid).

2. I don't want to call the flooring contractor back for the umpteenth time to explain yet again why he WILL do it my way or I WILL call his boss. AGAIN.

3. I don't want to try to write an interesting blog entry when I haven't created any new jewelry, gone anywhere interesting, had any interesting conversations or on a day when everyone else is posting their uber-cool Bead Soup challenge creations.

4. I don't want to go searching for (and pay for) snow clothes for the kid that I know we are going to use ONCE and then they'll be outgrown.

5. I don't want to take my car in to find out what that weird noise is because I KNOW it's going to cost me mucho deneiro.

6. I don't want to go to Pep Boys and display what a clueless idiot I am as I try to buy snow chains for the upcoming trip.

7. I don't want to do my taxes.

8. I don't want to clean the bottom of the parrot cage.

9. I don't want football season to be over.

10. I don't want to be in such a funk. I need a do-over for today or a fast-forward to tomorrow. Oh, and chocolate (so thank you, Erin from Tesori Trovati, for sending me some unbelievable chocolate truffles in the mail that are waiting to welcome me home tonight with their delicious chocolatey goodness!)

And now that I've graced your day with all that sweetness and light...I shall take myself off.



kelleysbeads said...

yay for chocolate deliveries! I hope that made up for everything else that was bringing you down in that funk

Michelle said...

Even though there are no pictures...I still enjoyed your post. I think I have that list of to do's that I don't want to do, too! Although, is there nothing that chocolate and something salty can't fix?
I hope that you get all of your tasks completed (even if you don't want to). Just blame it on the seasonal blues.
Have a glass of wine with your chocolate and make some cool new jewelry!
Bead Happy!

lunedreams said...

bummer!!! I wouldn't want to do those things either. sounds icky. earplugs for the car, throw a blanket over the bird cage, and print out a bunch of heart clipart from the comfort of your own desk. fold it in quarters and give The Kid some crayons. It's a Handmade Valentine's Day, my son. And you have three months in which to procrastinate about your taxes.

TesoriTrovati said...

Chocolate saves. Think of it as a hug wrapped in ganache from me to you! I love random acts of chocolate, don't you?
I don't know why you think you don't have anything to say...I think you do even when you don't!
My list of don'ts...
...want to do my tax prep
...want to shovel
...want to clean my studio but want it magically organized
...want to be at 'work'
...want to go to a 'work flow' meeting today (an hour and a half is not enough, but will certainly tell me my future here!)
...want to make ever. Isn't there someplace that takes reservations?
...want to stop reading blogs
...want to miss out on what all my new bloggy friends are up to
...want to ever stop being inspired

Enjoy the day, dear one!