Wednesday, January 22, 2014

Cork Pop

So, remember how I was mentioning that finally getting to sit down with my beads for what I THOUGHT was going to be a short, couple of hours of beading...and it turned into a several days marathon.  Apparently, there was a lot of backed-up creativity to get out of my system because I have been creating like a madwoman ever since.
I could definitely tell that I was rusty, though, as the first few designs are...nice...but they didn't make my heart go pitter-pat or give me that "YES!  THIS is right!" feeling.  But, I noticed improvement as I moved along so I think it just took some time to get all the mental gears rolling smoothly.  I've placed these in no particular order so I'll let you wonder which were the tougher, beginning ones and which were later in the process...

These earrings featur patinated brass filigree pieces (not done by me - these were purchased on Etsy) to which I added faceted lemon quartz teardrops (center - they are really a pale yellow-green but that's hard to see against this background), and two different sizes and colors of faceted Czech glass rondelles.  I used vermeil headpins and daisy spacers as accents.

These stunning copper leaf dangles are from Kristi Bowman.  I added copper spacers, Czech glass rondelles and genuine turquoise rondelles.

Lampwork glass disks in deep midnight blue with green, light blue and gold aventurine inclusions are from Unicorn Beads.  I added vermeil flower dangles and faceted Czech glass nuggets that mimic the swirling green inclusions in the lampwork.  These look amazing in full sunlight when the glass goes a bit more transparent and sparkles.

These pretty cast pewter links set with crystals from Lynn Davies gave me a Jane Austen-time period-vibe.  I wanted something feminin and dainty to pair with them...and what's more fitting for that than pink and pearls?  I added glowing pink lampwork disks on top and tiny, white freshwater pearls on the bottom and threw in a few accents of Bali silver as finishing touches. 

More of Kristi Bowman's gorgeous copperwork...this time adorned with snowflakes.  It's been so darn hot here that I was trying to draw the Polar Vortex westward!  Accents are kyanite rondelles and Chinese crystals.

Fun, whimsical lampwork squares have bright accents of purple and blue and I accented them with black Mykonos ceramic disks, Chinese crystals and some touches of silver.  

I may have gone overboard at Kristi's shop (yeah, I know, doesn't sound like something I'd do AT ALL, right?).  These dangles are patterned with a sea urchin texture and my son actually picked out the accent beads (I was still frantically beading even after he came home LOL).  I was weighing a couple of options on my work station as he was walking by and I told him I needed his opinion.  He didn't hesitate to pick these gorgeous turquoise lampwork rondelles and I balanced out their brightness with some earthy copper pearls.
Okay, I finally got brave enough to move beyond the earring stage.
A couple of years ago, I packed some "travel projects" for a trip we took to Carpinteria. I never used all of the materials I took and the ones that were left over remained tidily packed away in my travel case ready to grab for the next time I thought I'd be taking a trip that would have enough downtime to make it worthwhile (obviously, Hawaii didn't qualify!) Since everything was already picked out and color-coordinated, I didn't have to waste time during my recent beading frenzy to pull supplies from the hoard of Smaug beading stash. I decided to dig into my travel case and break these beads out of "jail."
I started with this gorgeous swirling ceramic pendant in shades of soft teal and sage green with flecks of bronze and blue.  I added drilled beach glass links, bleached wood slices, Czech glass disks, aventurine cubes and a pretty lampwork disk bead flecked with bronze speckles.  It reminds me of a foggy, winter California beach day.
Here's a closeup of the pendant.  The clasp is a brass hook from Patina Queen that hooks onto the round, brass link in the center.  I don't do front closures that often and thought it would be fun to try.
I made it a slightly longer length that my usual 18-20" as well...again, just to try something different.
I had a few leftover accent beads so...time for some coordinating earrings.  This pair features the Czech glass disks and aventurine stone cubes from the necklace. 

This pair uses the wood slices from the necklace and I've added some twisted brass rings and tiny, verdigris-patinated sand dollar charms.
If you liked any of the designs, I should have them posted on Etsy over the next few days.  And...I'm still not done...stay tuned for more!


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Shaiha said...

What great designs! I love the idea of having little kits premade for when I just want to create but my muse doesn't want anything to do with the design part.