Thursday, January 16, 2014

Heat Wave

Okay, I know it's Southern California, but it's JANUARY!

85?  Seriously?  That's just wrong.  And this was close to the coast and not even noon yet...I was farther inland earlier today it was almost 90 at 10 AM.

I expect we will be on fire everywhere by dinnertime.

****Edited to add:

And, as predicted, we are on fire...

Where is the Polar Vortex when we need it?



SueBeads said...

I was in Hawaii a few years ago, did the old lahaina luau too - never saw turtles, had a pretty great time snorkeling! Sorry it's so hot...

Cynthia said...

G! I read this post yesterday, and heard on the radio that there was a fire So Cal. You were only kidding - but wow!
Hope you are not in it's path!

Glad you're back! (blogging)