Monday, January 27, 2014

The Last Day

Okay, I promise the annoying vacation photos and stories have come to an end.  But, I just had to bid a proper Aloha! to what was truly the trip of a lifetime. 

Here's my mom and Ryan as we had dinner on the patio of Hula Grill at Whaler's Village for the final time.  We ate there on our first night and enjoyed it so much we had to go back.

This is the view from our table looking to the left at Kaho'olawe.

And this is looking to the right at Lana'i.

And there's our final sunset (complete with sailboat sailing off into the distance).
While I expect to go back to Hawaii (and fairly soon - fingers crossed!), I just can't imagine that any other trip will equal this one.  Everything was just spectacular...AND...I swam with turtles!!!  I can already tell that some of the island influence has seeped into my designs with hotter, brighter colors and ocean-inspired elements like wood, stone and sea creatures.  I look forward to expanding more on that theme over the next year - I've always thought my best designs always link back to the ocean in some way and it's a nice change from the cooler, foggier colors of So Cal beaches to do something a bit more tropical.
So, finish the last sip of your Mai Tai and take off that flower lei and it's time to end this trip to the islands - thanks for joining me (and also, don't you love how I made a vacation last 6 months?! LOL)

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