Tuesday, January 19, 2010

Bird in a Lemon Tree

That's what I'm calling the new bracelet I finished last week. I managed to squeak in a few photos before the "storm of the century" hit. Because we are on "STORM WATCH 2010", people. There will be flooding and riots and mudslides and mayhem and dogs and cats living together due to the dreaded moisture from the skies.

I chose to ignore the hysteria and make jewelry instead:

Yellow chalcedony briolettes, green garnet rondelles, white seed beads, brass chain and pineapple quartz were the elements I chose to represent my "lemon tree."

The color scheme was inspired by this "lemon tree" charm from Jade Scott. I used a shibuichi bird toggle from Green Girl Studios to finish off the design. Green Girl was NOT at the show on Saturday and I was tres disappointed by that.

Here's a more closeup look at the charm and clasp.

I just love that clasp. Wish I'd been able to buy more of them this weekend. Did I mention that I'm sooooo bummed that GG didn't come to the show? Yeah, let me bring that up a few 1,000 more times!
Speaking of the show - I had an excellent time! Lots of shopping involved, of course, but I was proud of myself for actually making it through almost the entire show one time before I started buying stuff. I would've made it all the way, but then there was a vendor with stuff for $5 a strand and, well, I kinda lost it at that point.
But you'll have to wait until tomorrow to see all the goods.
The kid's birthday came off without a hitch on Sunday - we even managed to get it finished before the rain rolled in so I was really pleased. Thank you to everyone who sent him birthday wishes - he loves it when I write about him and then tell him that people wrote back. A couple of you have even gotten to Yahoo IM with him - which for him mostly consists of sending emoticons randomly and then giggling, but hey, I will do just about anything to hear that giggle because it's the BEST sound on earth!
Okay, enough of my blathering. I'll see you all tomorrow with some bead show porn :-)


Andrew Thornton said...

Lovely bracelet! It's killer! (And I love the dark humor behind the title. Just wait till 2012. The world is supposed to end, you know.)

So sorry we couldn't make it out to the show this past weekend. With the birth of Maximus Prime and with Little Miss Azalea Belle going off to school, the show list has had to be consolidated and condensed. Not to mention that in this economy it's harder to do West Coast shows. It gets super expensive to pay for travel, lodging and the show fees.

We're also gearing up for Tucson. Lots of new goodies are scheduled to debut.

If you know what you'll need to restock, feel free to email or call Greg. Let him know that I sent you and that you would have picked the items up at the show and I'm sure he'll wave shipping.

SummersStudio said...

Stunning, Kelley. I have absolutely no other words for this.

susanc said...

Beautiful bracelet!

TesoriTrovati said...

That Andrew ROCKS! What a sweetie to respond to you so personally!
I love the bracelet. I just used a shibuchi bird pendant that Andrew gifted me in my ABS challenge piece. I should send him a picture for a look-see. Stay safe with this crazy weather! At least take a portable bead table into your storm shelter! Enjoy the day, KJ!

Narrative jewelry said...

Gorgeous colours for this bracelet, so elegant !