Wednesday, January 13, 2010

Why Is It So BRIGHT In Here?

I'm still having so much fun playing with my brightly-colored beads. I am just not a pale pastel/earth tone/muted kind of girl, I guess!

Here are a few pairs of earrings I created over the weekend as part of my new "Brights" collection:

I went with a "messier" version of wire-wrapping than what I normally do with my brios - it sort of seemed to go with the casual nature of the beads.

I used some great oxidized sterling wire that I bought on Etsy and once the wire wraps were done, I gave them a good rubbing with a polishing cloth to bring out some of the shine in the high areas. I love how the contrast worked out.

The stones on all of these are "candy jade." This is usually another name for "dyed quartz."

This picture really shows the highlighting that I got by slightly polishing the oxidized wire.

Okay, I have to admit, these are my favorite. I just love the bright pink with the olive jade.

I'm calling these "sari" earrings because they remind me of the beautiful colors of Indian saris with gold embroidery. Oh, and I know the wire-wrapping on these is quite retarded-looking. Don't worry, I re-did them after I took the pictures. I was just to lazy to re-photo LOL!

More candy jade - in a yummy deep turquoise shade.

I was so pleased with my "sari" earrings that I went back to the stone vendor and ordered another lot of those olive jade marquis-cut beads. I'll definitely be making more of these - maybe with small gold chains hanging around them or a charm attached to the wraps or something...

Hmmm...the old brain is a-humming with possibilities today...



Anonymous said...

very pretty!

Marie Cramp said...

Turned out great!! I love the bright stones, they reflect your bright and funky personality!!


TesoriTrovati said...

Yummmy colors, KJ! They do look a lot like candy. And I see the sari representation. I love the color combos! Enjoy the day! Erin

SueBeads said...

I love your sari beads too! Very nice!

SummersStudio said...

I especially like the wire wrapping in your oxidised silver. But all of these are such yummy colours it would be hard to choose. The gold works really well with the pink and green. Definitely very sari looking.

stregata said...

Lovely colors! BTW, would you like me to send you some snow? LOL

Narrative jewelry said...

The colours of the beads are just gorgeous, and the wire wrapping so well done. Great work.

Michelle said...

What wonderful bright colors--especially for Midwest winters! They just look juicy.
Bead happy!