Tuesday, January 05, 2010

How Come I'm Tired Already?

And it's only 5 days into the New Year?

I mean, you'd think that laying around on my butt eating pecan pie and leftover Christmas candy (and, okay, cookie frosting directly out of the can) wouldn't be that difficult or exhausting.

Except, oh wait, that's what I only DREAMED about doing (all right, all right, so the frosting thing is true).

In reality, I...

-Took down Xmas lights

-Stood in line at Best Buy for an hour to redeem my gift certificates for a Wii (and all the a la carte components that go with it)

-Set up the Wii

-Screwed up setting up the Wii and had to get a neighbor to help me

-Played the Wii ad nauseum with the kid

-Took the kid to two Cub Scout events

-Took my mom out for lunch a movie and a visit to the cemetery on her wedding anniversary (yay! that was fun!)

-Paid bills

-Cleaned out the kid's room

-Bagged up 7 bags of crap to give away

-Made several sales which I then had to package up and ship out which required a trip to the UPS store (my town doesn't have a post office - hicksville right smack dab in the middle of the OC)

-Updated my web site

-Wrote up 5 sets of directions for "Stringing" magazine in hopes of getting something published

-Took jewelry photos

-Cleaned the crabitat

-Confirmed all three crabs are still alive (despite all appearances to the contrary)

-Did umptyzillion (it's a real number...look it up) loads of laundry and...

...that's where I drew the line.

I only put half of the laundry away because I wanted time to actually MAKE some jewelry.

So, here are my first designs for the new year:

Nothing brings lampwork to life like Swarovski! And since I'm always tempted to bring out the purples or pinks or blues in the lampwork, I decided to be different this time and bring out the green.

I love long earrings. The longer, the better. I thought the drama of these gorgeous boro beads deserved some dramatic lengths of gold chain studded with tiny gold beads and more crystals.

I'm still having fun playing with all the bright, crayon-like colors I got at the last bead show.

Apple green howlite with some red and aqua Czech glass.

I added some dark blue Chinese glass and green howlite rondelles.

Gotta have a splash of color at the clasp, too.

I can just see this necklace with a crisp white shirt and a jean jacket - what a great way to add some fun to a classic outfit.

Okay, I definitely need a nap now...except I have to go back to work. Unless the laundry police get me first.

Of course, maybe I can get a nap in jail. Wonder if they have any pecan pie there?



Marie Cramp said...

I love the Boro beads, I have a few but have not had the courage to put them in something yet. They are too pretty for a "let's wing it" piece of jewelry. lol. I am tired too, I have way too much laundry to even look at it right now and I still have not taken down my Christmas stuff yet!! I need a nap too.

TesoriTrovati said...

Happy New Year dollface! I have been missing you!
I love those long and dangly earrings. Perfect with a little black dress and hair swept up willy-nilly all tendrilly like.
You were a busy girl. The portly dude in the red suit brought us a Wii... and some friends got us Speed Racer game for a New Years' housewarming gift. So thoughtful! Now I spend time staring at a circus like roller coaster screen hoping to hell that I don't fall off or get blown to bits. Good times. I had to work the entire break, but I bet my DH had that same sort of fun (without the crabitat cleaning and the can of frosting...but you never know). I was on TV twice at Christmas. (You can see me in all my early mornning grogginess or my late night bags under my eyes glory on my blog).
I am so glad to have you back, dear! Enjoy the day! Erin

Jacaranda Designs said...

Sounds like one of my days! I love the necklace with the green pendant...that lime color is lovely!

Be~Jeweled by Jana said...

Gee Whiz! You made me tired just reading about everything you did! Your jewelry is beautiful!

Michelle Mach said...

Instructions for 5 projects? I feel your pain! Best of luck, hope I see your work in the magazine!

SummersStudio said...

Hey,KJ, thanks for stopping by. No wonder you are tired. All of that domestic work on top of turning out some great beady creations. I am loving your 'crayon' colours. It's a nice bright splash in a dreary winter day for me.

mairedodd said...

oh, do i hear you! you were so very productive! and even cleared some space... i am so glad you got the time to make some pieces.. and what a great job you did! loving the necklace so.very.much...

Dave Robertson said...

- The lampwork +crystal, and the long boro dealy bobber, are total successes!

:) Dave
at Rings & Things

dochoamom said...

Hey Kelly.. Happy New Year.. Been a crazy few days... are you coming to Pasadena Bead and Design Show? If so let me know when, and we'll have lunch or coffee or just SHOP !!!

Love the new year creations and great job on your list... love the boro earrings... good luck on Stringing submissions...

Love, Deb

Anonymous said...

The long boro bead earrings are gorgeous!

Kaos Siberians said...

I can't find those boro earrings on the website...don't tell me someone already bought them!!! that'll make me a sad sparkle.