Tuesday, January 19, 2010

Kansas? I thought this was CALIFORNIA??

Okay, we are under an actual TORNADO WATCH.

And yes, normally this is the kind of thing I would make up for humor's sake, but NO, I am NOT making this up!

Uh, maybe I should stop complaining about how boring the weather is out here? I mean, I like a li'l thunderstorm now and again just for entertainment value, but a tornado is taking things just a bit too far. We already have to put up with earthquakes and that is plenty enough excitement for one geographical area.

Stop it with the tornado thing already!



Marie Cramp said...

There is all kinds of weird weather around right now, but that is the last thing I thought I would hear about in California! Good luck!!


susanc said...

Can you believe it? Crazy weather we're having! How does that song go? "It never rains in Southern California..." Stay safe!

Anonymous said...

yeah, that's a little crazy, huh? But I love the thunderstorms, hope we get more.

Doreen said...

Aaaaach! I am in central California. It is really blowing out there. I had to go and tie up a tree this morning and got a soaking! Yuck! Hope we don't blow away!