Monday, January 25, 2010

Salary Requirements

Thanks, everyone, for all the great comments lately. A few of you expressed concerns about my bead buying budget so I thought I'd address that.

No, I am not rich.

Yes, I spend a bit too much on beads.

Not a lot too much - my bills are taken care of and the kid has shoes and real food to eat (not cat food) and we don't live under a bridge in a cardboard box.

But I could probably stand to cut back a bit.

Most of my bead money comes from sales of my existing jewelry. Also, any time I get Christmas money or birthday money or a gift certificate or a work bonus or tax refund or whatever, I set aside a portion of it for bead money. This past year alone, I got almost $300 in Fire Mountain gift certificates from getting my work published in "Bead Trends."

But the real truth is this - I used to be a major fashion addict. Clothes, shoes, purses, makeup, etc. Since Dad had his stroke and then passed away 6 months later, all that has gone out the window. I've gained too much weight to fit into cute clothes any more and my knees have apparently gotten too old to tolerate high heels and I no longer care about makeup.

Soooo...guess where all that budgetary money has been shifted? Yeah, I bet you got it in one.

The question is - is this a bad thing? Beads make me happy. They are the only thing I do for myself for pure enjoyment value. They have no purpose other than to be pretty and make me smile. I don't think you can put a price on that - especially since there's not much else that DOES make me smile these days.

Then, of course, there's the fact that I'm a good bead bargain hunter. I get a lot of stuff for $3 a strand or $5 a strand or 3 strands for $10 at shows. A lot of times when the picture I borrowed from Etsy shows a whole bunch of strands twisted together - well, what I actually got is a package of 6-10 bead for $2.50. Plus, there are certain vendors that I only buy from when they are having a sale or offering a coupon. If you can get to the Rings & Things traveling trunk show it's WELL worth it. 50% off + an additional 15% off if you have a resale permit (which I do).

And that's another thing - my resale permit gets me lots of deals in addition to not having to pay sales tax.

Okay, hope that addresses all the questions and concerns. The kid and I are in no danger of being homeless or hungry any time soon.

Still, a little more restraint in the shopping department wouldn't necessarily be a bad thing.

Except then how would YOU get your bead porn fix? Hmmmm????



mairedodd said...

do what makes you happy... you are a smart woman with a lot of common sense!

kelleysbeads said...

seriously? you receive comments about your bead spending habits? we're all adults here, right? we are responsible beings, yes?

shop away Parrot. it's your own form of productive therapy.

SummersStudio said...

You, know, you need to do those things that make you happy. It's all about priorities in life and if beads make you happy, then beads it is. Your bead designs make me happy :-). Shoes, dresses, alcohol, drugs, whatever. I think beads are a pretty darned healthy choice of 'vices.'

Erin said...

Well, I think that is pretty awful if other people are making you feel like you need to justify yourself. Ignore them! They have no right to impose themselves on you like that. No one should ever make you feel you have to "explain" yourself! Oh, and by the way, like I've told others on a zillion occasions, a bead addiction is in no way a bad thing. You have to have a lot of beads to make a lot of jewelry. If you are in the bead and jewelry business, you have to have an insatiable appetite for beads, it's called a passion! And feeding your passion is what life is all about! You go girl! You never know where this jewelry thing could lead you.

Ruralrose said...

Kris I can't believe how similar our stories are. I used to be a fashion diva, perfectly polished. Then I had a series of miscarriages, then stay at home, farmer, mother to one. I started making jewellery because it was the only way I could afford to have it. Buying the beads and findings, anticipating the fads and finding myself of the cutting edge of trends is pure joy for me to. I buy beads like you do, thrilling in the lowest price. The beads you sent are like real treasures to me, as if they were all faceted gemstones. I must say I thought you were rich, you get so many wonderful types of beads. As an brilliant artist, you are investing in your future with every bead you buy. We are our own clique, a community of women who still want to play with the joy of childhood and with the magic of creativity. Play on sister! Peace

Davinia said...

Oh we're all just jealous and have to live vicariously through you. Love the bead porn and always look forward to it

Mellisa - Chinook Jewelry said...

No, no, you must not cut back! I rely on you for my beady fixes :) I think it's hysterical that you needed to justify your purchases to some readers...maybe you'll need to put disclaimers under the photos on future posts: "bargain purchase", "only bought 1/2 a bead", "found in a parking lot"...

quiltingjewel39 said...

Please don't stop the bead porn!! I agree with mariedodd - if it makes you happy - you need to do it. It isn't threatening to your financial situation so you will be a better person and better mother in a happy state of mind!

lunedreams said...

I know my comment about your ostentatious wealth (ha ha) was tongue-in-cheek. I too have shifted all my spending from fashion/makeup/perfume/music to beads. ALL my discretionary income goes toward jewelry supplies, and I live extremely simply so I have a fair amount of that given my relatively low wages. For every bottle of Suave instead of Redken I can get another ounce (yippee) of silver wire.

TesoriTrovati said...

Well, my dear, since I suffer from the same addiction, and used to share your previous ones (and had to abandon for much the same reason), and as I am the consummate bargain hunter, I can appreciate all the good deals that you snag. I have no filters when it comes to shopping for beads and components and books about such things. I consider myself lucky that I found you, oh kindred sister, to share this addiction-addled single-mindedness with. That, and I love your sense of humor. You make a lot of people smile and go ooh-aah every day. Keep doing what you love, darling.
Enjoy the day!
P.S. I am with you on the Rings & Things sales. Can't get much better! Wish I lived someplace where all the bead shows that you attend came close would be at least a 2 hour drive one way for me to attend anything 'close'!

Mary K. McGraw said...

I can relate. I make do with the clothes I have and buy beads instead. I trade hair cuts for things I have made. I once spent my weekends at the mall, I now buy beads and make stuff. And I feel great about it and who is that giving you a bad time about the money you spend on beads. Obviously they are not beaders and they need to get a life.