Monday, January 25, 2010

Take 2

I know I've already posted all of these, but I finally got a chance to take better pictures so I wanted to re-post them.

Feel free to skip if bored to death:

I finally have this bracelet the way I want it AND have decent pictures of it.

The clasp and the pendant are by far the cutest parts.

NOW this baby is ready for Etsy listing!

I love these earrings. I can't help it. Those pendants from Zoa Art are just amazing. I rarely go back and buy things a 2nd time, but I may have to make an exception for these.

I knew these Amazonite pebbles were going to be great to design with. I'm so glad I bought a whole strand of them.

New and improved without strange funky light effects.

Lovin' this toggle clasp. So pretty!

It's a good thing this bracelet doesn't fit my fat wrist, because I'd be tempted to keep it for myself!

I did make some new pieces this weekend and will get those posted tomorrow.



mairedodd said...

oh, i really love that top bracelet ... they are all great... but that one, super nice! and i understand why you wanted the pics just right... i do the same thing!

Dawno said...

As usual, I am always so inspired when I visit - you have a wonderful, fun to read blog.

You also inspired me to make a pretty big order with I Make Beads at Etsy. Your beautiful bracelet with her swirl etched beads, I really love that design, so I visited her shop and ended up with quite a few strands - thanks!

Anonymous said...

me too! i love the first bracelet!
all great work!

Ruralrose said...

Very nice work, I too adore the copper. Peace

maryharding said...

I too love the top bracelet. The greens and the chunky stones go so beautifully together. Fabulous

Marie Cramp said...

Lookin' good!! Hope they sell!