Friday, January 22, 2010

Kickin' It Old Skool

Ahhh...the bad old days. The pre-digital camera days. Back when I had to use my scanner (en Francais on dit "le scanner", in Espanol: "el scannero") to photograph my jewelry. Since it's been too dark and rainy for a WEEK now to take any pictures with the camera, I finally had to resort to ye olde scannere to get some pictures done.

Fair warning - colors are all off (stuff looks green when it should be turquoise), there are weird glowing light effects (maybe the scanner is haunted?), and basically everything looks like crap.

Or else my jewelry just always looks like crap and I'm in denial?

Either way, you've been warned.

First up, I re-did the "Bird in a Lemon Tree" bracelet. This is v2.0 - new and improved with the annoying white seed beads removed. And yeah, okay, so I had to use silver wire to attach the brios (because it was the only gauge I had small enough to fit through their holes), but I decided to just get over that. The clasp, being shibuichi, has some touches of silver to it so I say that makes it a match.

Okay, in real life, the color of these amazonite nuggets MATCHES some of the patina color on these gorgeous shibuichi shield pendants from Zoa Art. No, really, I promise you it does. Would I, the queen of matchiness, lie about something like that? Okay, well, yeah, so I probably would, but in this case, I'm not.

These are some of the pretty poly clay flowers that I bought from an Etsy vendor - they came all the way from Israel which I think is pretty cool! They didn't need much - I just added a touch of sparkle with some crystals and wire-wrapped 'em to some earring hooks. I've got more of these so I'll definitely be doing some other, more elaborate designs with them.

As long as I had the amazonite pebbles on my worktable, I decided to whip up another pair of earrings with them and I thought the faceted purple jade and some gold would make a good mix. Again, the colors look better together in real life than in my crappy scan. Sigh.

New bracelet. Etched lampwork scroll beads from I Make Beads on Etsy. Paired with some crystal AB Swaros, silver bead caps, vintage fluted glass rounds from Gemme Tresor on Etsy and a sterling silver toggle. Weird halo light effect provided by my scanner.

And now you're all asking "yeah, okay, whatever with the badly scanned jewelry, where's the Friday Bead Porn?" Check back later - today is a double post day!



TesoriTrovati said...

Do you have your Feb issue of Bead Trends yet? Wonderful pieces! I was shocked to find myself on the cover. (squee!) I was thinking to myself...hmmm...I have a clasp just like that in my stash... duh!
Love that Jade Scott charm. It really pops in your picture!
I hope you are staying dry. I think about you whenever I see the wacky weather you are having.
Enjoy the day!

Marie Cramp said...

OOOOO! I Love double post day!! ;)
I love the reworked bracelet, I think it looked nice both ways. Don't you just love scanners? lol Everything looks great!
Hope you go check out my new post and see what I have been up to :)


Leslie @ Bei Mondi said...

Wonderful pieces but we need to see the porn! Just kidding, love, love those flower earrings. Perfect for spring.

susanc said...

Beautiful pieces! I think "le scanner" does a pretty darn good job!

Anonymous said...

I love what you did with the flowers!