Friday, March 05, 2010

It's that time again...

...but without mention of the "p" word as I hear some people are getting in trouble for looking at it when they are supposed to be working ;-)

I'm trying a new method of arranging the pictures so I can fit more into one post (got a massive backlog I need to get through - these are from LAST YEAR!). All four of these lovely silver components are from Sweet Rock Candy Beads on Etsy. I thought the leaves would all be great on either charm bracelets or as earrings and the leafy vine connectors are just begging for some sparkly briolettes.

Another wonderful enameled bead and spacer grouping from Painting with Fire (Barbara Lewis) on Etsy. I know some people are getting to take classes with her to learn how to do this, but so far that seems to be strictly an East Coast phenomenon. I'm keeping my eyes peeled, though. If she comes out here to teach, I'm so totally there!

Smooth and corrugated copper rounds with a beautiful heat patina on them from Higher Chakra Creations on Etsy.

Fun and cheery copper and resin pendants from Jade Scott on Etsy. I sure had to work hard to get these - she only does shop updates once a month and it's like a feeding frenzy trying to beat all the other sharks to the goodies. Uhh...not that any of you who might be her other customers are sharks but...if you were know what I mean LOL!

Double-drilled beachy beads perfect for summer designs. They are from Stone Me on Etsy.

Great sets of ceramic beads from Winchell Clay Works on Etsy. It's hard to see in the picture, but the white beads have a light marbling of blue.

One day, I was on Etsy (and yes, contrary to what you might think, I am not on there EVERY day) and my brain said "you need some bright yellow lampwork beads." So, I bought these from Flame Crazy. Now, I have NO IDEA why my brain thought I needed them, but they are certainly lovely and they are definitely lampwork...and bright yellow. Perhaps my brain will eventually condescend to let me in on the big secret, but until then, they are in my stash...which is kinda like a 5-star hotel for beads. Except without the cute cabana boys and foofy drinks.

I just loved the color on these raku spacers from Alisha White. You could do practically anything with them.

These beautiful and swirly beads are from Joycelo on Etcy. And yes, they have crystals set on both sides. I love it when beads come already decked out with their own bling!

Love these fat disks from Blue Seraphim. I just keep collecting them - I think it's because she so totally rocks the awesome color combinations. I can't resist!

Lastly, I leave you with these purple and mint hollow beads from Alisha White. Not only are they some of my favorite colors, but I can't get over the incredible airy feeling you get from the hollow beads vs. a traditional lampwork bead.

Happy weekend, all!



Lorelei said...

oh those orange fat discs from Blue Seraphim were in my favorites. i should have known it was you who snagged those pretties!!

I love Alisha White beads too. They are all gorgeous!

TesoriTrovati said...

Yea. I am one of those that can't see certain things anymore. You would be surprised (disturbed?) at what my computer considers 'sexually explicit' and blocks on me! Like half the pictures in this post! It is like they are taunting me...just means that I will have to go home and drool all over again at my leisure.
Enjoy the weekend KJ!

lunedreams said...

AWESOME collection!!! I esp. love the Alisha White raku beads and Blue Seraphim beads (those discs are the most amazing, saturated color). Guess I better visit there now! And congrats on the Jade Scott, those are darling. SCORE!!

Marie Cramp said...

Love them all!! {just so you know if you are a fan on my facebook page, you get a special discount in my Etsy shop ;) }

Love the beads, I have a few of the Blue Seraphim beads too, they are awesome!!



SummersStudio said...

Great picks, all. I've seen a few of those hollow beads around. These are really really nice. I am fascinated with them.

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