Thursday, March 25, 2010

Strange Creatures

Found this guy sunning himself on my porch this weekend. And no, I didn't cut off the picture in a weird spot - he's missing his tail. Their tails break off if something tries to catch them (ask my kid how I know this...blech!)

And Kelley W. begged me for a hermit crab update. Which was kinda hard because lately, all they've been doing is this:

They like to hide between the coconut mat and the back glass wall of the crabitat. Usually all three are piled on top of each other, but I did manage to catch Summers out for a crabby stroll recently:
Then I had to leave to go put new batteries in my camera (is it just me or do digital cameras suck up batteries in like, 2 seconds, or something?)
Anyway, when I got back, I took the lid off the crabitat so I could lean in for a better picture and I got a big surprise:

Summers was ON the ceiling! It's a good thing I looked at the lid before I took it all the way off or I would have missed him and we might have had a crabby accident.

Just hangin' around...

KJ (and Summers the crab)


kelleysbeads said...

Poor tail-less lizards. I wonder if they mourn their lost tails at all. Or if they feel all light and new like we do after getting a good hair cut?

Thanks for the crab update :) Lurve the shot of Summers climbing up his coconut home!

SummersStudio said...

We had a lot of tailess geckos in Melbourne. Walter (the cat) was responsible for that. I think maybe Summers is the more interesting of your crabs. He (she) gets around.

TesoriTrovati said...

Are you sure you aren't from Omaha? It is just like Wild Kingdom there!
Enjoy the day!
P.S. I think that my bathroom is my 'crabitat' where I can go to hang around...and be crabby of course!

robyn said...

I didn't know they can climb that high these hermit crabs. Very interesting post. As for cameras draining batteries too fast, I know what you mean I had the same problem as well. If your camera runs on normal AA batteries you should get a rechargable batt with high mah rating sumthin like 2800mah or higher. Really helps!

Teri said...

The geckos tail should regrow. Not sure how I know that. haha
The crabs with their "personalized" shells look fun! Do you buy them that way or did you paint those?