Monday, March 08, 2010

Oscar Fashionista Nitpicky List

I confess - I really don't care much about the Oscars. In fact, there have been a lot of years where I've completely forgotten they were on and have failed to watch them. But, I do admit, I love seeing the fashions and the jewelry. I could watch that part all day (especially with the sound turned off so I don't have to hear all the stupid things that get said).

And, I know, this stuff is getting analyzed 8 million ways today a la Joan Rivers, but I thought I'd do my own take on it.

So, here are my Best Dressed:

Cameron Diaz - she's definitely worn some things in the past that I totally hated (a year or so ago there was a big white dress with a huge-ass bow on the side of it) and sometimes her makeup has been clownish, but this year, I thought she hit it out of the ballpark. The dress rocks, her hair is perfect (which is amazing considering it was raining off and on during the Red Carpet and I saw a LOT of actresses with frizzy hair) and the makeup is just right. Even the bright lips - which there were a LOT of last night - are totally workin'. You go, Cam!

Amanda Seyfried looked fantastic in this Armani Prive gown. It was age appropriate, fitted perfectly, she was able to walk in it and overall it was just wonderful. She looks a tad washed out in this picture, but when I saw her being interviewed on the carpet and when she presented on stage, that wasn't an issue so I'm guessing it's just some lighting here that's bad.

Rachel MacAdams. I LOVED this dress. She took a risk and it was different, but it totally worked. Especially since I've seen other actresses try to pull this off in the past with the patterned gowns and it has gone sadly awry. No awry here.

Honorable Mention:

Edited to add photo:

Dame Helen Mirren - found picture. I loved her dress. It had bling and a great color. It was age-appropriate, but didn't look dowdy.

Queen Latifah - THIS is how you go formal when you have curves (aka a NORMAL body in stick-thin Hollyweird). The jeweled accent is perfect and that color just works perfectly with her skin.

J. Lo - This actually would have made my Best Dressed section except for one thing. I couldn't figure out how she was going to sit in a theater seat all night with that big poufy thing on the side. You can't tell in this pic because she's not facing the camera straight on, but that pouf? It's BIG and it really sticks out. Normally I'd put that in my "too much" category, but it really was lovely and proportional to the dress. I suppose she must have managed the sitting thing okay - I just couldn't figure out how. Oh, her hair was also a victim of the weather. LOTS of frizziness going on.

Edited to add: Okay, found a picture of the pouf. Now, you tell me, did she have to pay for an extra seat so she had someplace to put the pouf? Or is she just lucky that Marc Anthony is such a toothpick (cuz you know he held the pouf in his lap all night long). Also, what up with the Dyeables shoes?

Worst Dressed (aka the fun part):

Sarah Jessica Parker - I can't believe I'm writing this about the uber-fashionista of all time, but I HATED this dress. She has a phenomenal figure which is totally hidden (in fact, made me wonder if she's got kid #2 a-brewing). I could live with the color, but I didn't like that funky accent piece at the top which, btw, kept shifting around all over the place when she was being interviewed. On the up side (no pun intended) I did love her hair. You can't see it in this pic, but she has a really elaborate up-do in the back. Sadly, she was one of the people whose hair was done no favors by the weather - every time I saw her on camera, she had a loose, wispy, frizzy piece on top that was blowing around. Somewhere, her hairstylist is fleeing the country...

Oh, and is it just me or is Matthew Broderick NOT aging well? I thought he looked way older than what he really is.

Oh Mariah...sigh. With different shoes and in a size that actually fits your body, this could have been a winner. Do you have Queen Latifah's phone number? Cuz maybe she could, y'know, give you some advice or loan you her stylist? I'm just sayin'...

Zoe Saldana - she looks very different without the blue animated facepaint and the tail, right? However, she would have done better to have worn that look (hey, it worked for Ben Stiller) than this dress. This is a case of trying too hard or else it's three different dresses smooshed together...I can't decide. Separately, I like the sections - blingy top, pretty lavender waist, amazing ruffled tri-color bottom - but together? They are TOO MUCH.

Charlize Theron - Okay, seriously, didn't she look in the mirror when she tried this on? I know the color is great and the train is beautiful, but this dress has two OBVIOUS flaws. Wait, you don't notice them? Well, here, let me put two big swirly lavender cup thingies right on top of them to draw attention.

At least she managed to get out of the house before the designer added the giant red beaded arrow pointing to her vjayjay (cuz you KNOW that was next!)


I know - it's blurry. I looked but couldn't find a good picture of these earrings which were worn by Miley Cyrus. I just loved that the flower was at the bottom and was attached by 3 strands to the upper part. I'm definitely seeing playing around with this idea in some designs of my own.

Oh, and Jeff Bridges' wife was wearing some amazing turquoise and diamond earrings and a matching cocktail ring. Loved those, too.

Other than that - diamonds. Lots and lots and lots of diamonds. Yawn.

Okay, let's hear your opinions. What did you like and not like?



Lorelei said...

i agree with everything you said!
i still can't get over charlize's dress. what WAS she thinkin???

and i think matthew broderick looks half dead in this picture. check out his skin color compared to his wife's. ewww!

EmandaJ said...

Oh, I'm with you girl! I love the return of glamour to Hollywood. But did you notice in lots of pics these women are standing with their toes pointing in, like someone caught them by surprise. Ladies, listen to me, make a "T" with your feet, forward foot pointing to the camera and with the heel in the back foot's instep! Geez!


Katie said...

I'm jumping on the agree with you bandwagon...I was so sad about Charlize's dress - she's normally SUCH a fashionplate and at the top of everyone's list...

I also thought Maggie Gyllenhall pulled off the print on her dress well, too...I love her look - she's got such a unique fashion sense.

I LOVE Queen Latifah's look...And Mo'Nique looked great, too. I love that there are designers out there who understand larger women's bodies and do a great job of dressing them! We can't all be size 0 (nor do we all want to be!!!)

I never watch the awards, but I am all over the net the next day checking out what everyone wore :o)

Marie Cramp said...

I think we picked the same for best and worst dress, the only one I think you missed was the one Penelope Cruz was wearing, WOWZA!!

I thought that someone should have been out there passing out necklaces, I think they all forgot to wear them!!

Was that Matthew Broderick?? Gee I thought they had a wax statue of him standing beside his wife. Figured he was embarrased by his wife's dress and could not make it!


TesoriTrovati said...

I so totally missed the Red Carpet. Matthew Broderick looks like a cardboard cut out in that photo and SJP looks like she was sleeping when they roused her and she just wrapped herself in the sheet. And Charlize? Fegeddaboutit!
But you have to read this other blog The Sassy Curmudgeon for her have some agreement and some disagreements!
Enjoy the day!

P.S. My word verification is in what Mariah Carey looked like!

chacha1 said...

far behind the times but I've just discovered you (thanks for linking on CAP's comments recently!).

Aside from the gruesome spray-tan on SJP, Matthew's big sin IMO is that his tux does not fit.

Way back when, our stars had tailors. There is no excuse for a baggy suit on Oscar night!