Friday, March 12, 2010

This Week in (Bead) Pictures

Yay! Time for the Friday drool session!

All these lovely copper patina thingies are from Higher Chakra Supply on Etsy.

And with that, i finally finish out my 2009 bead purchases (Santa was overly generous in the bead department in December!)

So, let's join 2010 (already in progress), shall we?

Some yumminess from Jade Scott. I blame Lorelei for introducing me to this new level of bead addiction which is Jade's monthly Etsy feeding frenzy!

I keep buying aqua chalcedony brios. I'm not sure why - for some reason my brain thinks I need to own the entire world supply. The beads on the right are glass and are actually more aqua in color than they appear in the picture. I've already used some in a necklace design and I really like them. The "fluting" on them adds some great texture and visual interest instead of them just being another round glass bead.

Some great iolite brios and green chalcedony brios. The iolite ones are pretty tiny, but I thought they'd be great for some really dangle-rriffic earrings.

Some great pewter pieces from Mamacita Beadworks. I bought a different bird from her last year and wanted another bird to go with it for a design and this one was just perfect.

Beige leaf ceramic toggle from Erin at Every Heart Crafts.

A brown leaf ceramic connector link from Erin at Every Heart Crafts.

Sue Kennedy at Sue Beads has been making these amazing lampwork focals. I tried to resist (only because my lampwork collection is really and truly getting out of control - you're shocked, I know) but when I saw these colors I was a goner. HAD to have it.

Had to have the matching spacers as well.

Another great set of enamel lampwork beads fro FlameCrazy on Etsy. LOOK at those colors!

Okay, who just tried to lick the beads? Let's try to maintain SOME decorum here, people!

Last picture of the day - more enamels from FlameCrazy. I'm seeing the waters off a tiny Carribbean island with a pristine white sand beach...

Happy weekend, everyone!



mairedodd said...

gorgeous, gorgeous, gorgeous! i almost bought one of those little mamacita birds - love them... and your patina'd metal, and the glass, and the stones, ... oh, yes, the resin - that's really great... have fun!

TesoriTrovati said...

You are all bad for my bead addictions... You and Lorelei and all the others who post similarly yummy bead finds. I think that I need to curtail a bit until I can put all my lovelies away in my new cabinet (just as soon as I can get my beady hands on it!).
I really need some of those candy colors though.....
Can't believe that you have made it to 2010! Glad to have you along!
Enjoy the day!

Marie Cramp said...

I love it! Those enameled lampwork were fantastic! One of these day I am coming down to California just to see your bead stash!! lol, lampwork in particular!
Have a great weekend! {thanks for being a fan :)}

Jenny J-V said...

Great. Now I want to go shopping!!! haaaaaaaaa Thanks for sharing!

Shay Stone said...

I think this is my favorite lot of beads yet! YUMMY!!!

bellajoya said...

I love Erin's little leaves. They are gorgeous. Good luck using them!

Lisa Crone said...

Yumminess is right! When I was looking at the pictures, I was saying yum! in my head and thought, well maybe I should comment in that way, not everyone understands the use of that word in relation to beads...then I saw you use the word and realized, yes, I'm in the right place, on the right path!! Love everything!!