Tuesday, March 09, 2010

Sometimes...Jewelry Happens

I actually got some time to create this weekend. Yipppeeeeee! This is in spite of making trips to three different stores on Sunday looking for small gauge but shiny copper chain. Because you know how it goes - you need small and shiny and what you have is either large and shiny or small and oxidized - neither of which will work.

I had to bribe the kid with a chocolate smoothie from Jamba Juice to ensure harmonious bead store visits. I'm sure I'll hear about it some day in a family therapy session: "I could've been normal, Mom, but you kept dragging me to all those bead stores..."

Then again, he may be getting his payback this weekend when I have to help him build a "leprechaun trap" as a school project. Uh, I'm not sure how this is educational or why we're being forced to do it at home (sounds more like an in-class art project to me) but, whatever. I'll be buying green wrapping paper and gold glitter glue and a buncha other stuff I'll probably never use again so we can get this done.

Where's MY milkshake bribe?

Whew! Okay, glad I got all that off my chest. On to the jewelry:

'Member back in August when I went to the bead show on that god-awfully hot day? And I bought these beads? And the vendor mocked me for my weird selection? Well, today I am vindicated (also, note how it only took me 7 months to get around to using these - excellent):

Ta DA! Take THAT vendor who mocked me!

To this beautiful copper crescent I've added Greek ceramic disks, daggers and tubes from Adobe Supplies on Etsy. Also added some copper chain (hence the bead store trips), heat patina'd copper melon beads from Higher Chakra on Etsy, some copper wire wrapping and an olive glass pearl.

I was hurrying to take the pics as the sun was setting last night, so I tried one with the flash. At least it captures the great colors in those ceramic tubes - which is what ties the whole piece together.

NOW you can really see them. I love those tube beads and the glossy finish on them. Sadly, they only came in a lot of 4 which I used all on this necklace. I'm keen to get my hands on more of these beauties!

Still more fiddling with camera settings.

This is kinda way out there for me, but I think I'm happy with it.

Today, anyway.

Tomorrow might be another story.



Emi of For the Love of Beads said...

Great use of the crescent pendant

TesoriTrovati said...

Very tribal-Amazon-she-warrior vibe. Perhaps your inner beading muse is trying to tell you something? Be assertive, this says to me! (What am I doing? Now I am psychoanalyzing jewelry creations?! Don't get me started on my own!)
And my school project is the 6th grade Wax Museum. I have to draw pinstripes on a white shirt and some white sweat pants (that I foudn in the girls' section...shhh...don't tell Sport-O that!) to make my kid look like Babe Ruth! Gotta love the school projects...
Instead of a milkshake, I want a Cosmo.
(So not kidding.)
Enjoy the day!

Jacaranda Designs said...

gorgeous - such rich colors!

Jacaranda Designs said...

Simply gorgeous! Such rich colors.

Katie said...

What a great necklace! I love when the jewelry-making actually happens...I got some stuff made over the weekend, and I was SO proud of myself...Of course, it meant that I was working on everything BUT what I was supposed to work on, but you know how that goes :o)

The Joy of Nesting said...

Bravo Bravo!!!

Missy KJ you are far more then vindicated!!!!! Most original, fabulous and no pastels. Sooooo sexy without fru fru, my kinda piece!!! In fact I think this is my new favorite piece of yours :)

Pattie ;)
Mazatlan Mx.

PS Encore Encore....we want to see more!!!

Jenny J-V said...

I like it! And, you have to hold those sorts of beads for just the right moment...seven months is nothing!! And...good luck with the leprechaun trap! haaaaaaaaaaaaa Jen

SummersStudio said...

You've harnessed your inner Xenia Warrior Princess. I mean that in the nicest way because this is not a style easy to pull off. But you've done it and done it well! Kudos.

Michelle said...

Really cool necklace. Ok...only 7 months??? I have items from well over 5 years ago! LOL!
Bead Happy!

lisa oram said...

very, very pretty. and inspired. and original. i'd wear it in a second!

KimTaylor said...

Very cool designs! This is an excellent idea for me and others. Thanks