Friday, May 14, 2010

Distracted by the Pretty

Nooooo...don't look at me.....I need magic hair elixir and a new face cleanser and possibly plastic surgery...

Look at the pretty, pretty, shiny porn instead:

Bird Porn: SO cute! And she leaves about every 15 minutes or so and you can see her two babies in the nest!

Be Resinable Porn: I listed new pieces last night (hey, Erin, more pansies for ya!)

Okay and now the real stuff:

Another of Humblebeads pretty polymer clay toggle pendants.

Olive green branch disks - also from Humblebeads. Heather sent me a pair of these back in December as freebies along with an order I had placed with her. I made a pair of earrings out of them using amethyst rondelles and some brass bird charms and gave them as a gift here at the office and have gotten more comments and feedback on them than just about anything I've ever made. Soooo...I thought maybe it would be a good idea to have a few more of these beads around and either make more of those earrings or come up with some new designs using them

Green ceramic flower pendant from The Classic Bead.

Matte white and aqua daisy pendant from The Classic Bead. I really liked the matte finish on this and that shot of aqua color against the white.

Sakura flower bead from Summer's Studio Etc.

Another owl bead from Summers as well. This one is in a darker color combination which I found sort of mysterious-looking and cool.

Giant slabs of dyed blue jade from AAARealGem. Couldn't resist the color on these and I thought it would be fun to have such large and funky shapes to play with.

Faceted deep green jade rounds - what a luscious color!

Faceted honey-colored jade briolettes from artmooie.

Kyanite rondelles - one of the nicest quality and best size I've ever found. Plus this stone is one of my personal favorites. SOOO pretty! These also came from artmooie.

Dyed magenta agate "pumpkin" beads - loved the color AND the cut on these. Much more interesting to design with than just plain rounds.

These were listed as Zambian Aquamarine. I have no idea what that is, but my guess is that these are actually quartz of some type. Hey, if I'm wrong and I actually got genuine aquamarine for quartz prices...I will turn cartwheels 'cross the floor...but I'm probably not wrong. Still, the price was fine for quartz and they are a nice size and color with great "glow" to them.

A beautiful scrollwork, multi-hole pewter connector from Lynn Davis.

Can you really have too much of Lynn's great stuff? I say, "No. No, you cannot."

Turquoise enameled beads from Barbara Lewis. LOOK AT THAT COLOR! I am practically hypnotized by how beautiful it is!

I love this "fat disk" shape from Blue Seraphim, but this was strictly a color-inspired purchase for me. I would never, on my own, have put these colors together, but she did...and they look fantastic. And that inspires me!

I know - I have an abnormal addiction to all things pansy. All pansies everywhere must be mine. Look...I know who I am (chupacabra hair and all) and I OWN it!

Another pair of Donna Millard's gorgeous flower beads. This time in a mouth-watering shade of purple.

And that's it. I've got more resining to do this weekend, a custom order of bridal jewelry to finish (1 necklace down, two more necklaces and 3 pairs of earrings to go!), and a couple of pieces I'm trying to put together for magazine submissions to work on. Also, the construction company is supposed to come and put my son's toilet back in his bathroom and touch up the paint in the hallway for the last time and then the last remnants of the Great Flood of 2009 will be GONE!



Hey, it's the little things in life that bring me joy :-)

Have a good weekend, everyone!


P.S. If you purchased something from Be Resinable - I'm shooting for getting all the orders in the mail tomorrow. Y'know, assuming no more floods or other crises occur between now and then!


Anonymous said...

sweet little birdie...i love hummingbirds!
lady, i sure wish i had your budget for bead buying and you find the best stuff. you have some of my favorites beadmakers in your post.
have a great week. i'm still packing and cleaning. i'm exhausted.

Marie Cramp said...

It's funny, I am not sure how I missed this post, I am normally waiting for your Friday post! Well, I can comment now :)
Love it all, I got some of Heather's toggles, they are fantastic!! Love the little green bellied owl, I got the same one :) I think you have wonderful taste in beads :)