Tuesday, May 18, 2010

Let's Play A Game!

****************** EDITED 5/19 to add:

I'm not re-posting today because I want to keep the game going so just a quick note to update. First off, thanks everyone for the comments! I'm glad you're enjoying the game. Also, if you think I have a lot of crap in THIS purse...you should have seen what was in my BIG winter purse that I just switched out of. This one is a lot smaller LOL! As for the request for clarification on the sunglasses - they do exist and yes, they are Valentino (don't ask me why I have great eye insurance that pays for designer frames, but my health insurance won't cover basic stuff like antibiotics, but that's the way it is. I just LOVE healthcare in America) BUT I am not confirming whether or not they were actually IN the purse at the time I wrote the post. Also, someone caught the fact that I accidentally listed one item twice (that will teach me for cutting and pasting instead of just deleting). I've now corrected that. And no, the typo doesn't count as the right answer LOL!

Also, I'm sure y'all will be relieved to know that I am OFFICIALLY OUT OF RESIN. Uhhh...until the next shipment arrives LOL! In the meantime, Be Resinable was listed in another Etsy Treasury today! Yay!

That's it. Play on!


I have absolutely NADA to talk about today.

I figure everyone's sick of the resin stuff.

I didn't finish my latest necklace project so couldn't take pics of it last night.

The last few days have been surprisingly free of stupid people for me to rant about.

I could do a few more paragraphs on how I hate my hair and am getting closer and closer to buzzing it all off, but I figure no one cares about that either.

So...a game!

A few weeks ago I was changing from my "winter" purse to my "summer" purse (don't laugh...I used to change purses with each outfit, but then I became a single mom and now I'm lucky if I have time to change my underwear each day much less worry about which purse goes with which outfit...I do have a spectacular wardrobe of cute purses, though. I should probably try to sell those...) and I realized what an amazing amount of strange crap had migrated into my purse. Some of which I couldn't even identify or remember how it had gotten in there (although I'm sure the kid is to blame somehow).

Anyway, it occurred to me that you can tell a lot about a person by what's in (or not in) her purse. I decided to tuck the idea away for a day like this when I have NOTHING to write about.

Here are the rules:

I'm going to list off all the stuff that's in my purse PLUS one item that's NOT in there. To play the game - post a comment guessing which item is NOT in my purse.

On Friday, I'll put all the correct answers in a bowl and randomly pick one (uhhh...and if NO ONE guesses right, then I'll just put all the comments in a bowl and randomly pick one). That person will win a prize from my Be Resinable stock. In order to keep this reasonable for me, I'm limiting the free shipping to the U.S. only. If you're outside the U.S. and want to play anyway, that's cool, but you'll have to pick up the shipping cost.

Feel free to link, blog post, Facebook or do whatever else if you want to publicize the game.

Okay, ready to play "What's in Kelly's Purse?"




1. Lorac wet/dry foundation compact

2. 1 bottle Bausch & Lomb Moisture Eyes

3. 1 package Claritin gel caps (missing 3 capsules)

4. 1 Bonne Bell Lipsmacker - Wild Raspberry - new

5. 1 old and decrepit Tootsie Roll

6. 1 Bonne Bell Lipsmacker - Cotton Candy - empty

7. 1 butterfly hair clip - small, black

8. 1 Happy Nails Receipt

9. 1 Bakugan toy - Red Dragonoid

10. 1 UPS Receipt

11. 1 pair Ralph Lauren regular glasses

12. 1 pair semi-clean child's socks

13. 1 Galaxy Control Systems security badge

14. 1 cell phone

15. 1 Bank of America ATM receipt

16. 1 butterfly hair clap - small, tortoisehell

17. 1 pen cap

18. 2 books: "Hell Fire" by Ann Aguirre; "Bewitched & Betrayed" by Lisa Shearin

19. 1 doctor's business card

20. 1 Tall Mouse 40% off coupon - expired

21. 1 bead show door prize ticket

22. 1 Quiznos receipt

23. 2 Mother's Day cards

24. 1 paycheck stub

25. 1 set of keys

26. 1 Costa Mesa Gem Faire button

27. 1 hairbrush

28. 1 plastic toy eyeball

29. 1 bottle Bath & Bodyworks Sun Dried Raspberry Anti-bacterial Hand Gel

30. 1 pair Valentino sunglasses

31. 1 National Tae Kwon Do Summer Camp Flyer

32. 1 Wallet containing: 1 full checkbook; 1 empty checkbook; insurance cards; neon green sticky note pad; 2 ATM cards; AAA card; Barnes & Noble membership card; driver's license; wholesale license; 1 expired ATM card; $42.29 in cash; 1 expired, unfilled prescription; 1 book of stamps; 1 bead artist business card; 1 El Pollo Loco employee discount card; 1 buy 10 get 1 free Miyako Sushi frequent customer card

33. 1 bottle of Advil - empty

34. Personal supplies (y'know - GIRL stuff)

35. 1 Tae Kwon Do Game Night registration form

36. 1 fake dinosaur tooth

Geez...no wonder this thing is so dang heavy!



Pearl and Pebble said...

lol how big is your purse?!?! My guess is going to be the 2books. When do you have time to read?????

susanc said...

I'm guessing that #31 - Valentino sunglasses are not in your purse!

I'll be curious to see which item it actually is!

Beatnheart said...

your funny!

Barbara Lewis said...

I'm guessing it must be the kitchen sink! I love visiting your blog ... but you make me look like I've lost IQ points because I catch myself smiling like a simpleton!

EmandaJ said...

Hi Kelly,

Either you are MUCH MORE POWERFUL than I thought, or: "13. 1 Galaxy Control Systems security badge" is the thing that is not really in your handbag.

I would be afraid to try to list everything in my handbag, yikes!


Lorelei said...

Well, to be honest, It's hard for me to believe you don't have a single bead in your purse!!
But my guess is " the Quiznos receipt, only because that's a competitor??

Marie Cramp said...

I small butterfly hair clasp, that is what I think is missing :) either that or there is no money in it, like mine ;)


Carol said...

No empty checkbook is my guess.

You sure got a lot of crap in your purse.

Barbara Bechtel said...

i guess hairbrush! just a guess, i' stumped!

TesoriTrovati said...

Holy crap!
What sort of purse are you carrying around? Does it have wheels?!

I would have to guess that the $42.29 is not in your purse....because you just went to a bead show, right?

That or the clean pair of kids socks. They would be dirty if they were in there, right? (I mean they would be if they were in mine!)

Enjoy the day!

Beadativity said...

I think the socks are not really in your purse!




EB Bead and Metal Works said...

Hi, I love your blog and this is a great idea. I am kinda of scared to look in my purse because it is huge and I think I do have the kitchen sink in there!
I am going to say #37 - 1 fake dinosaur tooth

kelleysbeads said...

I think we need clarification on the sunglasses. Are they real Valentino sunglasses?

Michelle said...

I'm guessing the mother's day cards...didn't you give them to your mom & sister-in-law? I have to agree with Barbara...I do start to smile stupidly when I read your blog....it's usually what I need when my mind has gone numb with looking at numbers all morning!
Bead Happy!

Anonymous said...

omg, dang that's a lot of stuff! you got me beat and my bag is pretty heavy too, hee hee.

is it the el pollo loco employee discount card?

Cynthia said...

Holy Crap-oly! How big is your purse?? Anyway, it's either #26 or #28, since I doubt you have TWO hairbrushes in there.
Fun game!

quiltingjewel39 said...

You must have one huge purse and very strong muscles to carry all that around!! Just guessing it might be #11 the RL glasses.

Paige said...

wow...you must have a big purse!! and I'm never sick of reading resin stuff. :)

my guess? the sun dried raspberry antibacterial hand gel from bath and body works.

but i'm probably wrong. oh well. :)

Cynthia said...

Do I get to guess again, since you removed a hairbrush. And here I thought you were being so clever!!
I'd like to switch my guess to The empty lip gloss. I really think you would have thrown in the trash when it ran out, not in your purse.