Tuesday, May 25, 2010

The Resinator

I feel like I have finally triumphed over MOST of the issues with resin: bubbles, grease spots, etc. The last pour I did (using the VERY LAST FEW precious drops of resin I own thank you very much Fusion Beads for messing up my order and oh yeah I STILL don't have my refund, do I?) was the best one so far. I didn't lose any of the wood beads to grease spots and I only had one tiny bubble form on one piece.

Of course, all the metal bezels are sitting and waiting for their secound pour which takes them up to the nice rounded dome top finish. Don't know when that will happen because did I mention I'm OUT OF RESIN? Also, I'm holding my breath about doing the second coat - they all turned out so well after the first pour that I'm almost afraid to mess with them again.

But in the meantime, here are the latest pieces all ready for listing on Etsy:

In a previous pour, I made this really cute set of beads using strawberry/flowered scrapbook paper. At least it started out as cute set, but only these top two beads survived. Everything else had grease spots. And what was I gonna do with two beads?

Solve the grease spot problem and make more to finish off the set, obviously. So now I have a nice full set of 8 of these cuties to offer.

I love these small tiger ebony wood beads. They just come out so cute. This is a set of pastel flower stickers.

Pastels are nice, but I'll always be a bright girl at heart. Love these groovy bright flower stickers and the resin just magnifies them and brings them to life!

You can't get more cheerful than a big, bold orange and yellow sunflower. I think this is one of my favorites from this pour.

Butterflies and French ephemera - what a fantastic combo! I bought an entire sheet of this artwork and kinda went nuts with it.

I just love the way this artwork looks on the wood - such a great combo.

Uh...did I mention I really liked this artwork and kind went nuts with it? 'Cuz, yeah. I did.

Okay, last of the butterflies (for now).

Most of my other rose beads have been in the pink/red tones, but check out the colors in this one! Ivory, yellow, aqua, and teal. So fresh and pretty!

A big, glittery seashell image - perfect for summer beach designs. I made one of these in my first round of pouring on wood, but I overpoured it and it didn't survive. Luckily, this one worked.

This image is just gorgeous. And okay, it has ONE teeny tiny bubble in it, but based on the poll I took last week, most of you wouldn't be put off by that so I think I'm still going to put this one up for sale, but I may knock a little off the price. It really is outstanding.

I didn't think I was going to like these big wood squares, but they are turning out to be my favorite items from this pour.

Yeah, I'm not selling this one. It's just too good. I've got a necklace planned for my mom with this as the center pendant - she's always been very strong in her faith but she's also been through so much in the past couple of years with losing my dad that I think she could use sort of a personal reminder piece.

Mom's not the only one who needs a personal talisman - I'm keeping this one for myself. But don't worry - if you like these and want one, just let me know. I can make more of them and I have a whole bunch of other words in this same design that I can do as well. I'm even thinking I can cut around the circle and turn this into a circular design if the square doesn't float your boat.

I'll start listing these items on Be Resinable tonight for anyone that's interested.

That's it for today - I'm off to call customer service at Fusion Beads.




TesoriTrovati said...

I think that The Resinator sounds like some sort of super hero. With a see-thru plane. A cape and nifty arm bangles. And a patriotic bustier.
I just described Wonder Woman.
(She was great too.)
Enjoy the day!

Marie Cramp said...

Wow!! you have been a busy girl!! looks great!

SueBeads said...

They are so cute! You were very busy!!!! Wonder who else has the resin you need?

Cynthia said...

It looks like you're a real pro now at resinating! Everything's really pretty!!

SummersStudio said...

Gorgeous, Kelly! I love how you've persevered and conquered the resin.

Cynthia said...

I just received a supplemental catalog from Fire mountain, and they sell Ice Resin, if you're looking for a different supplier!