Monday, October 11, 2010

It's Jewelry...FINALLY!

I know, I know. It seems like all I do around here is BUY beads without actually making anything from them. And truthfully, the ratio of buying to making is probably somewhat skewed towards the buying end.

But I ask you, which takes up more time? Clicking "buy" OR:

1. Planning out a design
2. Pulling out all the beads from your stash (including finding the ones that you SWEAR were in THAT drawer, but are now nowhere to be found)
3. Getting distracted by magazines
4. Getting distracted by those beads you forgot you had
5. Getting your workstation all set up
6. Picking up your first tool and...the phone rings (and WHY is it ALWAYS my mother when this happens? I swear she has anti-beading radar or something)
7. The time it takes to actually construct the piece (including any re-do's along the way).

Yeah. And THAT's why the ratio is skewed the way it is. Besides, I think there's something about the way creativity works (or maybe this is just me) that too many choices overwhelm me, but too few choices leave me stifled. I need more choices than I'm actually going to use, but not so many that I get mental gridlock.

Wow. NONE of that is what I intended to write about today. Sometimes the fingers just type what they want to type without any actual brain input from me. It's weird.

However, since it turns out that I have lost the topic and materials I intended to write about today (I blame it on all the 2nd grade math homework I had to help with over the weekend), I suppose it's just as well.

Here's what I made two weekends ago ('cuz I'm all timely that way):

I admit it - sometimes, over the years, I have made fun of the beads at Michael's. And mostly? I was pretty justified in doing so. But over the past couple of years, they have really stepped up their game in the bead department. Is there still a lot of crap there? Yeah, absolutely. But can you also find some hidden treasures like these chocolate brown carved floral beads? Yep.

And do they look awesome with Swarovski pearls, aqua ceramic links from Mary Ann Carroll, an amazonite nugget and brass wire, chain and hook clasp? Also, yep.

This is completely not the design I had planned for these links. I did one of my incredibly rare instances of sketching a design ahead of time...and then the beads declined to participate in said design and I ended up with this instead. It's very simple. Nothing earth-shatteringly creative about it, but sometimes? That's just fine.

I like the color palette of chocolate with aqua and white and I also like the juxtaposition (that's my $1 word for the day) of the classic elements of the pearl and floral beads with the more earthy, freeform elements of the links and the stone nugget.

But that design turned out pretty summery and (despite the temps in the 90's around here today) it's time to move on to fall:

I call this design "Berries in the Old North Woods." Don't ask me why the woods are old and northerly...sometimes my subconscious just kicks this stuff out for no apparent reason.

Darling ceramic owl focal is from Summer's Studio. And yeah, I know, I'm like the last person on the beading planet to do the owl thing, but that's mostly because I've been hoarding all my cute little owl beads until the right design should come along. When I saw those bronze "wood" links from Amanda Davie, I immediately knew they had to have an owl with them.

And once I started picturing this "woodsy" theme, my brain kept insisting there were a few bright and juicy berries left over from the summer that foraging bears hadn't foudn yet. So, I pulled out these melon-shaped dyed jade beads and I grabbed that gorgeous lampwork bead from My Lampwork Garden to tie the teals, greens and pinks together.

I don't know what kind of freaky plant grows these dark pink berries and teal flowers in the fall, but I'd plant it in my yard if I knew what it was LOL! I have decided to name it the "ImagineBerry Plant." Ceramic leaf charm is from Every Heart Crafts.

This necklace has SO MUCH going on in the front that I kept the clasp super-simple. I even left off my normal dangle at the back. That gorgeously patinated copper chain is from Miss Fickle Media.

And here's where I tried to get all artsy-fartsy with the picture taking. Okay, so the vase fell over and I decided to go with it, but sometimes, the greatest ideas happen by accident. This may not be one of those times LOL!

ImagineBerry Pie, anyone?

Hope you enjoyed the strange trek through my mind mind and sometimes strange designing process. I love feedback - so let me know what you thought. Negative feedback is fine as long as it's constructive and not mean and/or crazy. And if your e-mail address comes through in your blog comment - you'll get a reply! I am almost as much of an e-mail junkie as I am a bead junkie and love to continue the blog conversations there (some of you have discovered this the hard way and probably wish I would shut up). So be warned ;-)

Hope everyone had a great weekend!



Kristen said...

I love treking through your mind and creativity! I adore the 'ImagineBerry' necklace and no you are not the last person cuz I still don't have one of those yummy owls yet! The bracelet and earring set is adorable and looks like it feels sweet on your wrist!


swopemelmel said...

Ummmm, Imagineberry Pie soooo yummy. The necklace is delish too, I love it. I also just bought some of those carved wood beads. Lorelei is currently using them in her "Michaels Bead Challenge" They really have gotten quite a better selection.

EmandaJ said...

Hey Kelly, I love the randomness of your mind (sort of like mine, but I'm shy enough almost nobody knows). I thoroughly enjoy your design process and the phrase "the beads refused to participate in the design" will stick in my brain. It's amazing how we can work on a design and visualize it, get out the materials and then . . . the beads don't play along!

Artymezia@yahoo, etc, etc.

Cynthia said...

I see someone else mentioned Lorelei's "challenge". The brown beads are part of it, and as I was plunking down my hard earned cash for the beads in the challenge, I found myself wishing she'd picked aqua instead of green. Don't get me wrong, it all came out fine, but I did think to myself that I would like the brown beads with blue - and then you did just that! You should check out Lorelei's challenge, in case you want to join in, to use up your brown beads.
Both your designs are fabulous!

Nicki said...

Oh my - you really make jewelry and don't just buy beads? :)
I am so with you. Your creative time schedule sounds like my attempts to making something. I was laughing really hard.
My thoughts? I think we both would have really fun over a beer and a bowl of beads.

TesoriTrovati said...

I love your mind. I want to move in. But I am it crowded in there? ;-) LOL!

Love the little owly!
I have an owl from Lisa Peters but the right design just hasn't come to me yet.

And your design process is so much like mine. Yesterday I spent an hour and half circling my basement studio searching for a bag of beads that should be here somewhere. Could it be that I accidentally threw them out? That would be a sad day indeed.

Thanks for the smiles.

Enjoy the day!

SummersStudio said...

I love what you call a summer palette that has Mary Ann's beads in it. Me, I would call it season free. It's just too beautiful to be categorized.

As for my little owl. I could not be happier with what you made. Again, I'd call this season less. Those branch links you combined are a little piece of heaven.

Bravo! These are beautiful pieces!

Copper Diem said...

I like em both! great job!

Gardanne said...

Sweet designs. I love pushing the "commit to buy" button too, a little to much lately.