Tuesday, October 19, 2010

Jungle Boogie

It feels weird to be showing and writing about a piece inspired by lush, hot, humid tropical jungles while it is pouring rain outside. And we're not just getting rain - we're getting probably the most intense and longest-lasting bout of lightning and thunder I've ever experienced in Southern California. It started at 4 AM this morning and we've had pretty much continuous activity since then.

I'm sure it's wimpy compared to what happens in other parts of the country, but for us...it's quite exciting. I've even heard that a Sam's Club not far from here took a direct lightning strike! Personally, I think we should all get to go home. You know...just in case.

But in the meantime, tropical jungles it is!

This design is a little on the funky, crazy side compared to what I usually do, but tropical jungles are not tame and orderly now are they? When I think of jungles, I hear words like wild, lush, riotous, etc. And this necklace certainly fits that description.

I started with the etched brass dragonfly focal from Summer's Studio and added in some dyed green palm seed rectangle beads I got at a bead show last year. Then, I found these dark brown crescent beads (don't know what the material is - some kind of wood or seed, I think?) at Michael's. The green Czech glass flowers have stripes of orange down their sides so I added in the dyed orange wood beads from Fusion beads.

A few touches of purple Czech glass and brass seed beads are the final accents.

A brass ring and hook clasp at the back and last few beads as a dangle and "Jungle Boogie" is finished!

Can you hear the drums?



Marie Cramp said...

Those are nut beads, I can't remember what kind, but nut beads they are! :) Great necklace!! I could not pull it off, but I know a few ladies that I go to church with, that would do it justice for sure!!

SummersStudio said...

I love everything about this necklace. I especially love your colours. The bright pops of orange are perfect againts the browns and greens. And purple, in my book anyway, goes with everything!

Ha, Ha... my word verification is plearain. I think that justifies taking the rest of the week off, just in case.

Pretty Things said...

LOVING the clusters!

lunedreams said...

Love how you used those Czech flowers! I want to run out and "emulate" you now with a different but similar design.

Mellisa said...

Oh no, storm watch 2010 is on! I think I'll avoid watching the news for the next 24hrs just so I don't have to scoff at the gargantuan over reaction!

Copper Diem said...

that is a great necklace. You sure have an eye for color!

TesoriTrovati said...

I have some of those crescent nuts from Michaels too... great minds!
I also have them in red.
This is a dynamite color scheme and a great sense of color and scale and balance. I love the way the green draws me in and then WHAM! That orange pops me right smack in between my eyes!
I am totally digging this. Have been working and wearing orange more lately. I even have a blaze-ish orange sweater. And I don't even deer hunt ;-)

Enjoy the day!

Kristen said...

Oh I love your funky side! That piece screams awesome!

Michelle said...

I think those brown beads are dyed palm nut slices....
I love the necklace and the little flower clusters are awesome! I kept hearing "Feed Me Seymore!" while I was looking. LOL I think I need to rent that movie.....

Bead Happy!