Friday, October 22, 2010

Might As Well Face It...'re addicted to (bead) porn.

At least, you are if you're showing up here every Friday with your hands shaking and a drool cloth standing by.

And if you locked the door and turned down the lights...well, then, I'm afraid you're a goner, but you might as well enjoy yourself on your way out so here you go:

These copper beads have been given a beautiful deep red patina by the amazing Shannon at Miss Fickle Media. What could possibly be more perfect for Fall?

I dunno...maybe this red leaf that she also created? I love the touches of purple in it!

As long as I was on a red kick, thought I might as well get some red Picasso Czech glass rondelles from Uncommon Beads.

A few months ago, my friend Erin, sent me a stash of these wonderful mesh-covered beads. I've been dying to find more of them ever since, but the original supplier was out. These are not quite an exact match because the mesh on the ones Erin sent me was more of an aged brass color and these are a bright gold, but I thought they were still pretty.

And the cobalt blue is just delicious. They remind me of Japanese glass fishing floats that used to wash up on the beach in Hawaii when I was a kid. We used to collect them and take them home for decorations. Both sets of mesh beads are from Gemme Tresor.

Still loving this melon shape in Czech glass. Every time I find a new color, I have to get more. They are just the BEST filler and accent beads! This color is sort of a cross between a deep red and a caramel brown.

And this one is a purple/lavender with a gold luster on it

And perhaps my favorite to date: gorgeous cranberry with a gold luster. All are from Uncommon Beads.

Puffed bronzite coins from Gemme Tresor.

And lookie! I found carved black onyx beads in that awesome melon shape. Just in time for Halloween! They are also from Gemme Tresor.

This picture does not do justice to these beads. They are carved black spinel nuggets that have had an AB coating applied to them. In real life, they glow and flash almost like a darker version of labradorite. And such a great shape, too! They are from Lily's Offering.

You can see I was on a kick to add some fall colors to my stash - these "pumpkin spice latte" polymer clay beads are from Humblebeads.

Did you think that Miss Fickle Media only did metal? Cuz it ain't so. She is a wiz with the polymer clay, too! These are sea urchin buttons made from poly clay and of course given a wonderful patina-style finish.

She made these sunflower buttons, too, and I think they are my favorites of everything I've gotten from her (which is saying a lot because I can't seem to stay out of her Etsy shop for more than a few days at at time!)

Gaea is still killing me with her sale beads. I'd already boughta set of her "mermaid" beads and then saw this "seaweed" set. It's similar, but has more yellowy-green undertones.

I had so much fun making those earrings a couple of weeks ago with the tiny lampwork beads so I decided to stock up on some more. Purple and teal - one of my favorite color combos!

And how about tiny faux sea glass nuggets with siver bubbles? YUMMY!

And then I saw this set. How incredible is that deep berry color with the rusty, crusty glass and touches of silver? All three of the sets of lampwork are from Radiant Mind.

I've been drooling over all the flowery beads from Serena Smith's store for a long time. I've bought a few pansies in the past, but thought it was time I expanded my repertoire and I just couldn't resist these silverd black calla lily blossoms. I totally see a vampire queen wearing a necklace with these gleaming blooms to the annual Halloween ball, don't you?

That's it for this week. I'll be leaving on vacation next week so no posts Monday - Thursday, but I'm going to try to get a porn post scheduled to auto-post on Friday. Wouldn't want any of you addicts to get strung out or anything.

Happy Weekend!



lorelei said...

Ohhhh extra good bead porn today. whew!
i love the glass from Radiant... haven't ordered from them before. Might have to nowwwwww!

quiltingjewel39 said...

Love, love the porn!!! Trouble is I always go out and buy something - oh well. Have a great vacation

TesoriTrovati said...

Look at all that sparkly goodness. I love all the melon beads and these colors are totally in my wheelhouse. I am especially loving the spinel. And way to go finding those mesh things. Wish I had more of those to share!
Enjoy the day!

Kristen said...

WHEW I got an extra good fix! Have a great vacation and we will be shaking with anticipation for the next x-rated post!

Cynthia said...

Great bead porn!!
The glass from Radiant is absolutely delicious!

Pretty Things said...

That black spinel is AWESOME!

EmandaJ said...

Great porn this week! Your giving us the really good stuff to keep us hooked, aren't you?

Have a great vacation.

Copper Diem said...

More great stuff! I really need to get some goodies from Shannon. Love the lampwork too.