Friday, October 15, 2010

Sick Day

"Play Money" game winner and Bead Porn postponed to Monday due to a serious and ongoing disagreement that I'm having with yesterday's lunch.

Catch ya back here then.



Marie Cramp said...

Sorry you are feeling yucky! We all love you and we can live with the serious withdrawal effects of no bead porn until Monday, but just this once ;) Feel better soon!

lunedreams said...

oooh. that does not sound good. hope you are not now re-having yesterday's lunch. backwards. think about ice and snow and cold breezes...

EmandaJ said...

Aaaw, So sorry you're ill. Here's some virtual Pepto. Now go to bed and get well soon.

hello gorgeous said...

ooooo, hope you feel better soon lovely! :o/


hello gorgeous xxx