Friday, October 08, 2010


Thank God It's Bead Porn Day! and Friday! and that this WFH (week from hell) is finally coming to a close. Seriously...I don't think I could've stood one more day of this.

So, I'm gonna cleanse my aura or whatever by looking at some great bead porn and firmly declare that NEXT WEEK shall be BETTAH!

Cute red enameled owl from Sue Beads.

And a purple one, too!

And as long as we're doing birds, AND it's October (when my thoughts turn to all things spooky), how about a darkly gleaming raven pendant from Miss Fickle Media? CAW!

I didn't do this on purpose, but I guess I was on an "all things feathered" mental kick or something because here is a silver angel wing link from Cathy Dailey.

More wonderful faux-porcelain (polymer clay set in pewter) from Lynn Davis.

I'm especially a sucker for these hearts...can't stop buying them!

Yeah, this is kinda random, but at the time, I was looking to put together a design with some peach and orange colors and some flowers in it sooooo...thought these would be a good fit. Then I got them and realized they're a little too Hawaiian Tropic for what I had in mind. I'm sure they'll end up in something someday that utilizes them to the best advantage. They are from Excellent Gem.

These porcelain ring links also came from Excellent Gem. The colors were bright and pretty and look almost "sponged" on which gives some visual texture to them. I kind of thought they might be interesting in conjunction with that colored and patterned chain I bought at the Pasadena show over the summer. If nothing else, at least they're unusual...and that's getting harder to accomplish all the time.

More Gaea beads. What can I say...I just love them. The soft colors. The organic shapes. The sale prices ;-)

The cute little stars and bright colors. Oh yeah, and did I mention the sale prices?

That's it for this week. Kind of an abbreviated version, but (and I know you will find this hard to believe) I HAVE cut back on the bead buying. A teeny bit.

Also, I know the blog was kinda honked up this week. I don't know if it was our weird weather, the stress at my son's school, or just bad juju, but I hope to get things back on track next week. I have new jewelry I've wanted to post all week and just haven't been able to get it photographed yet, but the weekend should help with that. So, hope to have some totally fresh and fun stuff as of Monday.

Hope to see you all back here then.

Have a great weekend!



SueBeads said...

Thank you! Love Lynn's hearts too!

TesoriTrovati said...

Rest, relax and have a drink and think of me! I would be taking you out for a round on me. Send me the bill ;-P (just kidding)

Enjoy the day!

Pretty Things said...

Gaea beads are the best! And I love your Bead Porn days!

Kristen said...

Yep kick up those feet, have a drink and breathe! I hope you have a better weekend!

Porn this week was awesome!