Monday, January 30, 2006

Dollar Sale Update & Monday news

Okay, for all my customers who were kind enough to clean out my $1.00 sale's an update. EVERYTHING shipped out on Saturday, 1/28/06! I didn't get a chance to actually send the notices until today, but the orders went out Saturday.

Also, for those who ordered out-of-stock items, your substitutions and/or refunds have all been processed as well.

I hope that everyone will be pleased when their orders arrive and would love to hear feedback so feel free to e-mail me!

In other news, I survived the San Diego Wild Animal Park with Ryan this weekend and we had a lot of fun. He liked the elephants a lot and at the bird show, an owl flew right over his head and I think that impressed him. Still, I'd have to say his favorite part of the day was when we stopped for a break in the food court area and they were playing African (I guess) music and he just danced his little heart out. He loved that. And, since it meant I got to sit quietly for almost an hour, I loved it, too. Plus, he's a great dancer so it was very entertaining to watch.

Oh, we also went to Target this weekend and Ryan got to choose his first "big boy" underwear! He picked Batman, Spiderman and, of course, Spongebob. this morning he went and sat on the potty all by himself! What a terrific kid! I bought some little plastic animals at the park yesterday to dole out as rewards so he got a cheetah this morning for doing such a good job! And, he got to take Batman underwear to daycare today (although I had him wear a pull-up in the car on the way there - I just couldn't face having to clean pee-pee out of the car seat on a Monday morning!)

Well, as you can see, my life is living up to its usual level of excitement, but hey, if you ever have trouble sleeping, you know you can come here and read the blog and you'll be SNNNZZZZZZ'ing in no time :-)

A la prochaine...


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