Thursday, January 26, 2006

Silver is a girl's best friend (if she's too poor to afford diamonds)

So, blogger was being funky the other day and wouldn't let me post the last of the pictures from my gift show experience. I thought I'd give it another go and hey, whaddaya know, it worked. Here's some of the Thai silver goodies I bought. I think they're going to look great with some of my new stones and the leather cords I bought.

Of course, I got some regular silver, too. Take a look:

The large circles with the swirls are pendants featuring amethyst, moonstone and peridot. I got an entire bag of the butterfly toggle clasps because I thought they'd be great for spring designs. And the last item is a 2-1 connector that I thought would be interesting as a pendant or for chandelier earrings or lots of other things that I haven't thought of yet. I got an entire bag of these as well, which is a little much, so Jenie and I are going to go halfsies on them.

And, of course, it's time to talk Project Runway again. I really liked the challenge that was posed for last night having to do with "inspiration." What is it? Where does it come from? How does one translate it into a design successfully? All questions that affect my work as a jewelry designer. The contestants were sent out into NYC with cameras and had an hour to take pictures of anything they wanted and then they had to select their favorite picture and design based on that. It was very interesting to see what people came up with.

I liked Andrae's picture of the gutter water and his idea of using it, but I feared the end result. Surprisingly, he did a really beautiful evening gown (it had one piece of trim in an unfortunate spot on the model, but that's a minor thing that could be easily fixed given more time) and I really thought he should have won. Daniel V. (who did win) also had a great picture and I thought he translated his inspiration into a design very could really tell that the outfit came from the picture and yet at the same time, it wasn't strictly a literal translation. However, I didn't think the top was very wearable or attractive-looking.

I liked Chloe's dress, too, but didn't really see how it translated from her picture. But, once again, she's the one of the few who went with color. I am SO SICK of everyone choosing gray and brown and black. BOOOOORRRRIINNNNNGGGG! Santino chose color as well, but unfortunately, the fabric he picked had been used by a designer in the previous season of P.R. and it was, like, so totally obvious. Plus, his dress was unbelievably ugly and unflattering. I have no idea why he's still around.

Zulema was the one who got the boot. And, while I thought Kara's design was actually worse, at least her dress was finished properly. Zulema has had some major problems finishing her work and executing it properly (in the first episode, she cut her dress so short that the model's backside was totally was really gross). Plus, let's face it, she's not exactly the nicest of the contestants. In fact, I think Zulema could be "Amarosa" spelled backwards. Anyway, she's gone, buh-BYE!

Lastly, we come to Nick, who I think is actually one of the more talented people on the show, but this week, Zulema took his model away from him and he got all pouty and bitchy and whiny about it and kept talking about how he was done and he wanted to go home and waah, waaah, waaaaah. You know, fashion's a bitch, girlfriend. So suck it up or go home, but quit whining. His design was lame and had NOTHING to do with the picture he selected (which was of some fabric in a store window). He's lucky he didn't get the axe, but Zulema and Kara were so much worse that it saved him.

So, I won't be sorry to see Kara and Santino go and maybe Andrae and/or Nick, but I like everyone else and hope they make it to the final three! Actually, I think my picks for the final three would be Daniel, Chloe and Nick (yeah, he's whiny, but I've generally liked his designs...Andrae's had more than a few clunkers).

Can't wait to see what atrocities come down the runway next week!


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