Wednesday, January 11, 2006

Sale Update!

Whew! I knew this group could shop, but holy cow! Things went so quickly that I've put up an updated website page so you can see what's left.

For those who ordered something that was already taken by the time their order came in - I've e-mailed you privately.

But, don't despair. This went so well that I'm thinking of moving more items over into the sale section and will announce if/when I do.

The free shipping on $20.00 or more orders will continue until at least mid-February and maybe longer if I feel like it :-)

Thanks everyone who shopped! There are still a few items left on the sale page and of course lots of other great stuff on the rest of the site.



Carla Arpin said...

BEAUTIFUL! As soon as I have some extra moola, I'll be back to get one of the bangle or lobster claw bracelets. I haven't had very good luck with the clasp ones!

Linnea Sinclair's publicist

Silver Parrot said...

Thanks, Carla! Drop by any time :-)