Thursday, January 26, 2006

Speaking of fashion...

I keep forgetting to post this picture. My mom was nice enough to take me shoe shopping a couple of weeks ago to cheer me up and I resolved to get something different from what I usually wear. Not only have I not been shoe shopping in over a year (the horror!), but when I have gone, I've had to be very practical in my selections. My budget is usually pretty limited ('scuse me while I shush the voice that's yelling something about buying too many beads), I have to take some back problems into consideration and my foot is right on the borderline between a medium width and a wide width which can make it hard to find the right fit (insert rant about stores never carrying anything except mediums...hello?...some people have narrow or wide feet, you imbeciles!) I have to stick to black or brown, work-appropriate, not too high a heel, comfortable, etc. All of which is pretty obvious code for bland and boring.

Not this time. Moms was footing the bill (gawd, I hate it when horrendous puns just force their way into my writing...I'm helpless against them) and, miracle of miracles, there were a few wide widths available or the mediums were fitting perfectly. I still had to get something fairly conservative for work so I got a great pair of Bandolino black leather slingbacks with a MUCH pointier toe than I usually wear and a much higher heel, too. Yet, surprisingly, they're comfortable (for heels) and wearable.

So, with practicality satisfied, it was time to have some fun. I settled on a great pair of brown, faux-crocodile ankle boots with a seriously pointy toe and a dangerously high heel. I think they'll look great under jeans and I might even be able to spice up a pair of work pants with them...maybe...if I'm in the mood.

Now, the whole time I'm trying on shoes, there's one particular display in front of me that keeps catching my eye. But, it's a summer sandal and I'm not really "there" yet so I force myself to ignore it. Well, I tried that anyway, but the darn things were RIGHT IN FRONT OF ME! And, they were really, really cute and totally impractical and probably will be unwearable after this year and all that stuff I usually say to talk myself out of purchasing something frivolous.

Only, this time, myself didn't listen. I asked the saleslady for a pair in my size, but reasoned that A. they probably wouldn't have my size and B. if they did, the shoes would prove to be really uncomfortable or unwearable or whatever.

I was wrong on both counts. Not only did they fit, but they were comfortable. And soooo damn cute! So, they came home with me, too, and now I'm on the hunt for the perfect denim skirt to wear with them for summer. Here they are:

Wait, did I forget to mention that THEY'RE BEADED?! I got the pair on the right in the bronze/peacock blue color combo (although the gold pair was cute, too).

I can't WAIT for summer!


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