Monday, May 18, 2009

Confessions of a lampwork addict...

Since my early bead newbie days when I nearly fainted the first time I picked up a lampwork bead and realized that yes, 1 bead did indeed cost $36.00, I've been fascinated by these tiny works of art and the amazing artists who create them. Even after taking a couple of lampwork classes myself, I still marvel at the fact that rods of glass can be turned into flowers, fish, birds, frogs, snails, entire underwater or spatial scenes and just about anything else the artist can imagine.

I'm always on the lookout for additions to my lampwork library and here are a few of my recent acquisitions:

Lovely blue glass tulip beads from blissfulgardenbeads on Etsy. I love pairs - so perfect for earrings!

I liked this design so much, I had to get a pair in pink as well.

A set from beadintrigue on Etsy - the colors were so yummy-looking that I couldn't resist them. They look just like candy!

Same artist and style of beads - but look how the change in colors changes the entire look and feel. This set is so much more girly and soft.

Obviously, I was on a roll. But seriously...can you blame me? LOOK at the COLORS!

Watermelon, anyone? Again, these look good enough to eat!

And finally, this gorgeous focal bead by koregon on Etsy:

I'm not sure why, but I see Kokopelli every time I look at this bead even though the design is actually more random and not a specific figure at all. I still see him, though. Perhaps I'm a bit woozy from staring at shiny beads for too long?



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