Thursday, May 07, 2009

Dad's Funeral

Today will be the last day I will post about this in detail, but I did want to show some of the pictures and hand out some thank you messages so please bear with me.

To everyone who came to the service, sent flowers, left comments here on the blog or just generally supported my family and me through this difficult time - you have my heartfelt gratitude.

It's been wonderful to know how many lives my Dad touched and what a positive influence he was on everyone around him.

Here are a few more pictures from his life and from the services:

This is my Dad with (I think) his grandparents.

Dad with his roommate at the Naval Academy. No wonder he always insisted my bed be made so neatly (not that I ever did it).

Another Academy pic. Dad is the one in the jeans.

Dad did love his card games - looks like that started early on. He's the one on the left reaching into the middle of the table.

Dad with his parents at the Academy - Parents' Weekend 1958. Was he handsome in his uniform or what?

There are lots more pics, of course, but I just get a big kick out of these really old ones.

And now some from the funeral:

This is from the visitation on Sunday after we closed the casket. It shows the flower spray and the folded US flag since he is a veteran.
One of the arrangements at the cemetery. I thought it was particularly pretty.

Dad was buried with military honors - a 3-person team from the naval base in San Diego came and did the flag folding and presentation ceremony and a bugler played "Taps." It was really beautiful.

I tried to get a shot when they held the entire flag up for view beyond the casket, but it happened so fast that with the delay on my digital camera, I missed it (hate that delay!)

I can't believe how young these sailors are. They don't even look 18 to me!

After this picture, the flag was presented to my mother, but since I was sitting right next to her, it didn't seem appropriate to take a picture right there at that moment. I think some of the other guests may have caught it with their cameras. I hope so anyway.

Thanks again for bearing with me while I pay final tribute to my Dad. Next post it's back to the beads - I promise!


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