Thursday, May 14, 2009

News, earrings and beads

Congratulations to Dave Robertson of Rings 'N Things on the birth of his new daughter, Esme! Also, check out the news on his blog about big changes to a popular Swarovski crystal. Lastly, R&T is having a bead show from 10-2 on Saturday, May 16th, in Buena Park so if you're in So Cal and you like great beads (and great deals), don't miss it.

And now, on to the jewelry...

More of my vacation beading:

I bought these chandelier components several years ago from a great internet site called "The Bead Shop." They disappeared for a while (closed their physical store and got rid of a lot of their on-line inventory) but they seem to be coming back. If nothing else, their design gallery is WELL worth trolling through. They have AMAZING ideas!

Anyway, to these components I added garnets, peridot, pearls, vermeil and some chain and voila! Earrings!

And then there's this pair:

In which I continue with my love affair of mixing aqua and amethyst together. I'm happy with the color combo, but something about them is not quite right. I'm open to suggestions if anyone has them.

And some beads:

Made by Kerri Fuhr from Etsy. She sent along an additional set of spacer beads that match this as a freebie. How cool is THAT?!

More tomorrow.


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Dave Robertson said...

Hi KJ, thanks for the mention. :) That chandelier filigree is great for showing off lots of dangles, very cool!

(@Rings_Things on Twitter)