Monday, December 14, 2009

Double Dose

I realize it may be a bit TOO much excitement to do porn two posts in a row, but I've got all this great (and super cheap!) stuff from the show on Friday to crow over. Plus, what better way to get over the Monday morning blahs than some great beads, right?


So, here goes:

Some vintage aqua glass rondelles. These were part of my $3 a strand haul.

These were marked as Peruvian blue opal nuggets, but I'm not sure that's accurate because I can't imagine anyone selling that for $3 a strand. It's more likely that they are amazonite, but I thought they were pretty anyway. I like the nuggety organic shape and they are a nice size, too. Not too big or too small.

More from the $3 table. Vendor says these are dyed green howlite, but I think it's probably dyed magnesite instead. Also, colors are MUCH brighter than in the picture. Those rectangular nuggets are a bright apple green - like Pippin apples.

I call this stuff "cow stones" - because I have seen every possible permutation of "Mookite", "Mookaite", "Mouakite", etc., infinity - that I have given up on the actual name. All I know is that it starts with "moo" which makes me think of cows. So, there ya go. A nice strand of "cow stone" nuggets.

And lastly, from the $3 table, a selection of dyed purple jade. A strand of nuggets, two different sizes of rondelles and a strand of coins. Plus, because I bought so much, the vendor gave me an additional percentage off.


Got this cute strand of cupcake beads at the "cheap Chinese glass" vendor. I never remember vendor names - I just remember their location in the hall and what they specialize in. I have to make some pieces for some little girls for Xmas presents and I thought these would be perfect for that.

50% off vintage Czech and German glass beads from "the glass bead booth where the crazy lady works." This vendor has been at every show I've gone to for the last 10 years...and trust me when I say...she CRAZY.

But she has good beads!


I bought a strand of this dyed magnesite over the summer, but it was all orange, and gold and forest green. I thought I ought to have another strand in brighter colors. Reminds me of those old candy necklaces from when I was a kid.

Then I got a strand that's just bright yellow (it's actually brighter than in the picture).

I guess it was the 3 days of rain or something, but I was just thirsty for bright colors. These are smaller rondelles in pink and purple and then a couple of strands of multi-colored rounds that the vendor threw in for free. There were some seriously great deals to be had at this show - end of the year + rain = DISCOUNT!

This is more soochow jade, but instead of being dyed the "apple" colors, these rondelles are in pastels. I'm calling it "Easter Egg Jade."

Lastly, some silver flower charms and toggle clasps. No discounts on these, but they were so cute and they make such great accents for my lampwork bracelets that I couldn't resist.

Tomorrow, I'll post what I made with some of this great stuff :-) Yep - I actually beaded over the weekend. Hooray!



Marie Cramp said...

Wow twice in one week!! I feel warm ;)
The purple jade is my favorite, it is so bright and fun!! I think I may have mentioned this, but I really wish there were some bead shows around here...


mairedodd said...

very pretty - i do think that you got peruvian opal - looks like the stones i have purchased!

lunedreams said...

love the silver flowers! love those big discs too--big fan of dyed magnesite. I've been into the color thing too...don't make us wait too long to see what you make!

quiltingjewel39 said...

I can't believe the great deals you got!! What bead show was it? I love the Peruvian opal (or amazonite) ones. The shape is great. Thanks for sharing.