Friday, December 04, 2009

It's Make Up Your Own Title Day!


I was re-reading my post from Wednesday about the chicken necklace and I realized how whinily pathetic it sounded which is not really what I intended. I think what I intended to say was that there seems to be some kind of disconnect happening with my jewelry that I do not understand.

I get zillions of compliments on it (which usually include the "oh, you should sell your work" and "oh, can I get your website address" variety) but those compliments do not translate into actual sales. I am trying to understand that disconnect because I would like to fix it (if that's possible - which it may not be).

Anyway, in my head there's a difference between being all "oh poor me I didn't sell my necklace" and "I can't figure out WHY this necklace didn't sell and it's frustrating me not to have an answer to that question." And THAT's really what I meant to say yesterday.'s that.

In other, random and completely unrelated news, saw a coyote on the way home last night. Was driving the kid home from school and saw what I thought was a stray dog on the sidewalk. I slowed down in case he decided to dart across the street, but as we got closer I realized hey, NOT a dog. A coyote. And he just flashed me his "yeah, so what're you gonna do about it" coyote grin and ran up the hillside and into the bushes.

I should mention that this was on a busy street, with cars all around and people out walking their dogs and houses and stuff. I just hope everyone kept their housepets inside last night or there are going to be some "Where's Fluffy?" posters showing up in that neighborhood.

It's not that I didn't know that we had them in the area. I've even seen them before, but this was the first time I'd seen one in such a busy, well-traveled neighborhood and so early in the evening.

So, that was my big excitement for the week.

And now for the bead porn:

Mykonos greek ceramic washers - I loved this bronze color and thought it would work well with my darkened brass chains and beads.

More Greek ceramic beads. This is supposed to be a color called "brass", but when they actually they kind of look like dog kibble to you? Or is it just me?

And, if I'm going to have bronze and dog, I might as well have copper, too, right? Yeah, that's what I thought, too.

And these I got, well, just because they're purty colors.

Cute little pewter charm from Mamacita Beadworks.

Another charm from Mamacita.

Etched lampwork nuggets from Blue Heeler Glass on Etsy. I loved the color and the organic shape.

Some nice big and chunky rondelles of Black Gold Amazonite. The strand I got has an amazing array of colors in it and is going to be lots of fun to play with.

Got some faceted blue lace agate rondelles from teh same vendor. They have a really nice sparkle to them.

Long faceted ovals of olive jade. These are unlike anything I would normally buy so I thought they would be a good creative stretch for me if I can figure out what to do with them.

Faceted rondelles of pink rhodonite. This is another stone that I didn't have in my stash so thought it would be a good addition.

Lastly, some dyed faceted rounds of pink jade. These I bought just because they're so bright and cheery. They make me happy.

And, really, isn't that the highest purpose a bead can aspire to? Making someone happy?

I think so.



Winchell Clayworks said...

Ok, if we get to make up titles for your posts, from here on I will be calling your friday posts "Bow chicka wa wa"; ya know, bead porn, cheesy music...

I did a show this past weekend where I got tons of "beautiful" compliments; doesn't exactly buy the groceries, does it? I was having a conversation with the other ladies about the people who attend craft shows and walk down the middle of the aisle, careful not to make eye contact or commit. What's the point? I always make sure to say hi to them so I can watch them squirm. It entertained me.

Hmm, I wrote "other ladies." That almost implies that I'm a lady. HAH!

sandi m said...

Great stash! Ok, those 'brass' pieces look like Cheerios. (tastier than dog bits anyhow!)
I feel your frustration - always hard to know what people like and will buy. Just have to remember that you won't please everyone. I use a lot of lampwork from other artists and it's hard to explain what it is to someone who doesn't understand, and why a piece is pricey when you've used a $30 bead!

SueBeads said...

I didn't think your post was too whiny - selling on etsy is really hard. There are a lot of people selling on that site (way more than you can believe) and rarely if ever does anyone get featured who is not a friend of admins, from what I hear. I guess just keep plugging away, your designs are great. Nice bead porn, too!

mairedodd said...

it isn't you - it's just people... i go through that too... at a show, you get oohs & aahs and then they act weird and walk away with your business card (which gets used to wrap up old gum)... anything you make will connect with someone - it's just a matter of you and that someone coming together at the right time!
love your beads - mykonos especially... the coyote story is cool! i had a bald eagle fly over my head this week! love run ins with nature...

The Joy of Nesting said...


Oh man Little Sister we have all been there in one way or another. And boy it takes cast iron skin not to feel the blow to your self esteem!!!

I have a friend who has in a sense harnessed the complements into becoming sales. She always had her cute business cards with her. When someone starts the complements she gave them her card with all the info She found that if she had a catchy card with the phone#s and or websites, ETSY info, blog people are more likely to check her out. If they write the info on a scrap, it gets stuck who knows where and when they do get around to cleaning the scrapes out of their purse they no long remember what your web site was about. Sooo in the garbage and no sales for you. The other thing my friend did is a givaway for free earrings. All the customer had to do is go to her website and enter in the number code from their card, leave their mailing info and pay the nominal shipping cost. Chris said when she started doing that her sales did go up. We figure that when they do (and they will) claim their "free" earrings they see your other jewelry. Then that convaluted rationalization kicks in... Well if I have to pay shipping I might as well order something else to justify the shipping.

She said that she has learned a couple of things She picks who she gives the coupons to, the gift earrings or bracelets are simple feminine made with inexpensive beads&findings and a couple of different designs that easily complement the other pieces in the store. Her website was set up so that when you went to that page she always gave suggestions about what the pair of earring would match. She swears her sales in all her catagories went up. :) So she got so she would do a little givaway campaign before the big jewelry giving holidays

Oh yikes I didn't mean to carry on so long I'm sorry. But maybe it might get you a pondering. The bottom line is you have to make yourself remembered. If you don't promote yourself no body else is either.

Just some thoughts, you have beautiful designs, I would think that this is one of those times when you cn lead a horse to water and by God she'll drink :) In the mean time I'll keep you in my thoughts and send good karma your way!!! KJ all your Bloglandian sisters believe in you, isn't about time for you to believe in you!!

Pattie ;)
Mazatlan Mx.

spiritedearth said...

Joy of Nesting's info about selling was really wonderful..those little Moo 1/2 sized cards are great. varying images are available in same order.

i've been told GREAT "product" photos of one's work make all the difference. check to see how yours measure up to others backgrounds and lighting.
as for shows..your displays must be well thought out, eye catching professional and show your great jewelry to is best advantage.
don't get discouraged.. just keep gettin' better.

JustATish said...

bead porn is right - holy cow!! i got all sweaty and short of breath looking at them. beautiful. i love love LOVE the ceramic washers!