Tuesday, December 01, 2009

Rings 'N Things Product Playtime

A couple of weeks ago, Rings ‘N Things was nice enough to send me some great products to play around with. The first things out of the package that really caught my eye were these great chains:

A mix of copper and gunmetal finishes, they immediately looked tough and yet a bit vintage to me. I wanted to capture both of those feelings in the designs I came up with.

After a few false starts (sometimes the muse is annoyingly uncooperative), I came up with this idea:

The floral gunmetal link is from Michael’s as are the copper and glass beads. I wire-wrapped them using copper head pins and the clasp is a hook that I made myself out of copper wire. I’m getting slightly less retarded with the wire work so, happily, this clasp doesn’t look like it was made by a drunken chimpanzee.

For the other chain, I decided to go a bit Goth with the design:

Found this giant metal black rose pendant at Michael’s along with the black chain. I used some of the same copper and glass beads from the first necklace for dangles. The clasp is a copper floral toggle.

Of the two chains, I think the second one is my favorite. I like the smoother finish on it and luckily, I have a lot of it left so there may be more designs coming.



Dave Robertson said...

The second one also grabs me :) Go Goth!

at Rings & Things

Marie Cramp said...

The necklaces turned out great! I think the first is my favorite, I tend to prefer textured chain but since it is usually more expensive I go for the smooth. Keep up the good work on your wire wrapping, it looks good!! :)


TesoriTrovati said...

Oooh... I really like that first design the best! I love the assymmetry! I need to do something about my R&T goodies, but I fear they may have been packed! Maybe I will do it next week! Thanks for reminding me! Enjoy the day. Erin

Esther said...

humm!! beautiful!! both!! love the big black rose!! good job!!

dochoamom said...

Often when I am looking at your posts... I move the mouse slowly to get the best effect... you know that ooooohhh... Well that first necklace was a oooohhWOW !!! I love it... Like the second one too... but oh my... did I mention I LOVE IT...


Kristen said...

Both are really nice! Great job! The color of the chain is fabulous and you've accented them both really well!

kelleysbeads said...

I love that you aren't afraid to make Goth jewelry, that's awesome! And the smoother/shinier chain is my fave too.

Congrats on graduating out of the drunken chimpanzee stage. I'm still friends with that stage for making my own clasps and tend to avoid it at all costs.

Michelle said...

Both are lovely...but the 1st one is my fav. I love that it is so simple. The chain is REALLY cool! Hmmm....I may have to check into getting some of that.
Bead Happy.