Friday, December 11, 2009

It's TIME!

Drumroll, please!

What? You didn't bring your drums? How the heck am I supposed to introduce the porn without the drum roll?

You probably parked a Hummer in the compact spot in the parking lot, too, didn't you?

Geez. It's so hard to find good help these days!

So, anyway, here's the porn (I know, it's not nearly as good without the drum roll, but what can I do?)

Czech glass - nice autumnal colors. Which made sense when I bought these way back in September. I am all timely with the blogging and stuff!

More Czech glass. LOVE this color combo which has a lot more purple in it than the picture shows.

And some blue Czech glass. Because I like blue :-)

Melanie Brooks of Earthenwood Studio had a terriffic sale a while back so I picked up some of her new designs - like this purple dragonfly pendant.

And this smaller dragonfly - I liked the earthy color with the touches of turquoise and blue in the crevices.

Same color scheme and design, but this one has 2 holes so that it can be used as a link instead of just as a pendant.

Did I mention this was a REALLY GREAT SALE? Another link in a deep midnight purpley-blue color. I loved the contrast of the bone-colored dragonfly against the darker background.

More great silver from Cathy Dailey. I just can't get enough of her stuff!

I can see this being a link or a toggle or a loop for a lariat or...well, the possibilities are endless.

Okay, maybe not ENDLESS, but trust me, possibilities. Lots. And lots.

Cute little rustic leaf charms.

More heart charms.

When I saw Cathy had seashells, I flipped. Had to have them. HAD TO. I love anything ocean-related for beading.

And, one more shell.

Whew! I think that ought to do it for today. Except, well, guess where I went on my lunch break?


Of course, the kid and I are eating Ramen Noodles for dinner tonight, but hey, I found one booth where everything was 50% off and another where all the stone strands were....

$3 A STRAND!!!

I got mean I loaded up. In fact, I may split up some of these strands and sell the extras on Etsy because the deals were just that good. And also because I may have over-indulged.

Y'know, just a tad.

Hard to believe, right? ;-)

Have a great weekend, everyone...and stay outta my way on the freeway! I have beads to get home and hoard!



Lorelei said...

dang i was gonna buy that last shell pendant you showed! can't wait to see what you bought today!!

mairedodd said...

so the chocolate worked? always does... even works for harry when remus gives it to him after the dementors attack - great stuff... wonderful beads... i have used cathey's hearts and leaves - love her silver... the lost wax method is just so awesome... and melanie's work and the czech glass are great!
drink lots of water with those ramen noodles - all that salt! but all those beads were worth it! can have grilled cheese tomorrow night! :0)

Marie Cramp said...

You kill me!! You overindulge?? no way I don't believe it!! lol. Now why can't they have a bead show here in Calgary??? So unfair. Thanks for the porn, I needed that, if I was a smoker I think I would need a cigarette ;)


lunedreams said...

wow! ALL of it outstanding! love the dragonflies, and Cathy Dailey. What can you say. That second seashell is a stunner. Can't wait to see what you do with it! Where did you get the Czech glass? I love that picasso finish stuff. Esp. those green/purple ones.

Leslie @ Bei Mondi said...

I'm wiping the drool off my chin. What lovely beads!