Tuesday, August 10, 2004

Ahh...sweet sleep!

The kidlet has now slept for 2 nights thru in a row! I don't want to jinx anything but...YAHOOOOOOOOOO!!!!!!!!! Maybe we are finally coming to the end of this nightmare! I shouldn't complain because he's so awesome for everything else and was a good sleeper early on from 3 mos. to about 13 mos, but ever since then he's been waking up EVERY night...sometimes ALL night. We never have a problem at bedtime, but after about midnight it gets kinda tricky and we have not been able to identify the cause. I'm sure SOME of it is teething-related, but not all of it. He's got almost all his teeth now...just a last 2-4 coming in and almost through so MAYBE we can at least get past that. I hope that it's not that he's been having nightmares. I've always had terrible ones and they started when I was a little kid so I worry about that for him and he doesn't have quite enough language skills to tell us yet. In fact, right now his favorite phrase is "Whoa, big truck!" except that he can't say the "tr" sound and says an "f" sound instead so it comes out "Whoa, big fuck!" instead LOL! Just LOVE it when he yells that in the crowded grocery store and people are like "nice language you're teaching that kid, lady." Sigh.

On the beading front, the website has been accepted to a couple of on-line jewelry directories and webrings so hopefully that will drive some traffic and also induce Google to get off their ass and list it in their search engine.

Work continues on the peyote tube bracelet...I got some of the beaded tubes combined with the other components to make finished beads last night and they look AWESOME if I do say so myself. I'm getting really excited about the possibilities for this technique and plan now to add matching earrings and necklaces and branch out in color schemes. Just found a GORGEOUS deep blue/green AB (aurora borealis finish) delica that I think is going to be really stunning when mixed with gold vermeil components instead of silver. Yummmmmmm! Oh and I've got some to-die-for pearls that match and crystals and...and...okay, er, um..I need to take a break and maybe a cold shower LOL!

Bye for now!

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