Wednesday, August 25, 2004

Power Pro Rocks!

Okay so in the beading world I am SEVERELY late to the whole Power Pro (it's a specific type of fishing line that has been adapted by beaders because it is thin, strong and will stand up to the sharp holes of crystals, stones, etc.) party, but I finally got some and finally used it today and it is AWESOME! I made a cute little pendant out of pink Czech glass and garnet stone rounds and rondelles and it came out so darling! I'm going to make a bunch and link them together in a bracelet. And of course, I'm going to need some more faceted rondelle beads to make these in LOTS of colors ;-) It's great that they don't take a lot of beads to make so I can use up some "leftovers." Watch for these coming soon on the website :-)

Now chant with me "Power Pro! Power Pro! Power Pro!" :-))

See ya!


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