Wednesday, August 11, 2004

Hellooo? Anyone out there?

Well, at this point, I have NO idea why I'm writing here as it doesn't appear that anyone is reading this blog, but I'll keep plugging away anyhow.

Kidlet slept again last starting to believe we've turned the corner. Of course we have had to push his dinnertime back to 7 PM, his bedtime back to 9 PM, eliminate his afternoon nap and make sure that he spends most of each afternoon/evening racing around outside to wear himself out LOL! Doesn't leave a lot of time for mom and dad to pursue anything a jewelry business...or cooking LOL! Good thing Ryan LOVES Boston Market...we get take out from there a LOT!

I've got all the components for my peyote tubes bracelet completed and even have enough for a couple of pairs of matching earrings. Am going to try to get all these strung tonight so I can post pictures. Then I've got the colors for another set out of this technique...this one will be in shades of turquoise and aqua and I also have a pair of embroidered earrings to finish up as I believe I mentioned in a previous post.

After that, I've been perusing various fashion mags and style reports to get ideas on fall colors/styles and I've got some great ideas percolating in my brain...we'll see what happens...they may end up being my "spring" line at this rate LOL!


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