Monday, August 16, 2004

Gem Show Goodies

I just posted a pic of a FEW of the goodies that followed me home from the gem show this weekend. Carnelian, kyanite, ocean quartz, tiger eye and adventurine are only part of the damage I did. There were some great deals and I sure wish I'd had more money to spend! Of course, that's usually the case. Next show is at the end of this month in San Diego and I hadn't planned to go, but maybe if I can save up some more $ (or I get some orders!) I can swing it as there were LOTS of things I had to regretfully leave behind.

Not shown in the picture are some gorgeous Venetian glass beads that I bought from Via Murano, some silvery-gray freshwater pearls, and some fun millefiore-style glass donuts and beads from Japan. I also got sucked in by a LOT of new cabochons for my bead embroidery projects - several different shades of dyed paua shell and some pretty blue quartz and adventurine. Normally I stay away from the dyed stuff, but since this will be embroidered, it won't come into direct contact with skin and should therefore be okay, but I'll test it before I make anything out of it. Will try to post some pictures of the other items later this week if I get a chance.

We had a brief respite from Ryan's nightime antics last week - he slept 4 nights in a row (woo hoo!), but now he's right back to waking up again. I really am at my wit's end as to what is causing this...just don't know what to do to help him at this point. He had an accident at daycare on Friday, too, and came home with a big bump on his forehead right between his eyes. He just doesn't quite have that "running at full speed" thing down 100% yet...poor li'l guy. It looked pretty bad, but didn't seem to be bothering him so I don't think that's what caused the wakefulness to start up again. I guess maybe he'll just have to grow out of this stage...but it's sure taking a lot out of his poor parents in the meantime!

Let's see...what else? Oh, I took a bead crochet class this weekend and while the class itself was fun, I don't think this particular technique is for me LOL! I've always loved the pieces I've seen other people wearing, but I, apparently, am going to turn out to be one of the "crochet-challenged." I've only ever tried it once before (without beads) when I was 8 years old and I seem to remember that didn't go too well, either LOL! Anyway, I tried and tried yesterday and while I can actually DO the stitch, my tension is WAAAAYYY too loose and I just couldn't seem to get my hands in the right position to hold the tension more tightly so in my crocheted piece you can see all this goofy thread hanging between the beads and it's HIDEOUS! I may have to post a picture for amusement value if nothing else. Oh well...back to peyote tubes (at least I was able to master THAT technique!)



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