Tuesday, August 24, 2004


I'm trying to post every day, but, well, sometimes life just gets in the way. I'm not even sure what exactly it is I've been so busy doing, but whatever it was, it kept me away from blogging. Let's see...

I finished the emerald peyote tubes set - bracelet and earrings and got them added to the right page on the website although I haven't had a chance to do the upload yet. Also added a couple of pairs of simple earrings and another necklace that I found in "lost inventory." Hope to get that stuff uploaded tonight although it's my night for "baby duty" so we'll see what happens.

Ryan was up most of last night (from 12-4 pretty much continuously...sigh). He had been pretty good for a few nights there so I thought maybe we were going to turn the corner but we just don't seem to be making any progress. Keep trying to wear him out during the day hoping it well help him sleep better and bought him his first "scooter" over the weekend to try to help with that. It works as both a sit-down and stand-up model and he's doing really well with the sit-down version and doesn't fuss about wearing his helmet either! He can do the stand up part, but doesn't want to push with his foot...wants mommy and daddy to provide the "go" power for that mode LOL! Kinda counter-productive (not to mention that mommy and daddy are POOPED!)

What else...am finishing the edging on a pair of embroidered cab earrings in shades of turquoise and emerald green and am also working on a swap item for a beader's e-mail list I belong to. I'm trying a new technique (for me) called embellished Russian net stitch. It's very lacy and pretty, but so far feels a bit "floppy" to me for use as a bracelet, but I'm not done yet so hopefully it will stiffen up a bit as I continue to work the next row. I'm using shades of pink and amethyst on it and hope my swap buddy will like it.

I bought a new earring display/organizer at the bead show I went to last weekend and finished transferring all my earrings into it. They look so much nicer and more professional this way (plus they were totally overflowing the other container I had them in) AND this thing rolls up neatly and fastens shut so everything stays protected. Very cool. While I was doing that I realized that the bead stash was starting to get a bit messy due to all the recent projects (leftovers not getting put away at all or getting tossed in their drawers, but not actually put into their tubes/boxes so I took a stab at straightening that up. During that process realized I need yet another iris cart and some more of the fabulous organizing tubes/boxes from Betcey at Beyond Beadery.

Lastly, I think I've come up with an idea for an original technique and am hoping if it works out that I might submit it to one or more of the bead mags and/or create some kits for sale. I've been web surfing/shopping today seeing if I can purchase the components I'll need to try this out and if it comes out well enough, I'll move on to writing the instructions and screwing up my courage to submit an article. Will keep you posted.

C'est tout pour maintenant (that's all for now).


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