Thursday, September 10, 2009


Yee! Ha!

80 is such a nice round number. I like it.

But I will also like 81.

And 82.

And 97.

And 358 when it arrives sometime next century ;-)

The only thing I DON'T that I have absolutely NOTHING to talk about today and isn't THAT a great way to welcome a new follower.

Here - follow my blog about nothing.

But, tomorrow is New Bead Friday. So all I can say is come back then and at least you can view the bead porn.


P.S. Am I the only one whose kid has ended up in the school office twice...even though he's only been in school for 2 days? Okay, once was for an injury and once was because he got confused about what time he was getting picked up and forgot to go to the YMCA room, but still...they don't tell you that when they leave the voicemails. They just say "Ms. Morgan...this is the school office calling about Kidlet. Please call us back." I just know it's going to be a VERY LONG YEAR.


SueBeads said...

Hurray for you! You have a great sense of humor and I love reading your blog!

mairedodd said...

this post was a wonderful way to welcome a new follower! you had me laughing... sarcasm is so my cup of tea... :o) keep the faith about school - as a fellow mom, i am right here with you... would be helpful though if they gave you a cue about level of importance, right?

SummersStudio said...

I'm gonna look in on your blog and love it even when you feel like you have nothing to say. Two times, two days? Job well done! You do have an interesting year ahead and you are completely up to it!!!!

dochoamom said...

At least they are not calling to say your son tipped over the portable toilet and is suspended for 7 days... or numerous other messages along those lines.. I was so glad when he left that school..

Love, Deb

dochoamom said...

Oh I know you can post about the word verification tool below... sometimes you wonder where they come up with them... like this one "hantid"...


Silver Parrot said...

Thank you all for supporting my "post about nothing." I feel so Jerry Seinfeld right now (if you followed that show - you know they made a big deal about how it was a "show about nothing.")

Deb - you must be a mind reader because I can't tell you how many times I've thought about posting about those weird "words." Like maybe asking everyone make up a definition or something.

Marie Cramp said...

Bead Porn, {snort} lol, good one.
I am just glad I got to be one of your first!! Nice that you were one of mine too. I am not quite halfway to 8o though, you may have to give me some hints ;)

Love Ya!!