Tuesday, September 29, 2009

But wait! I made MORE stuff!

Yes, indeedy, I did. Playdates are wonderful things. Sent the kid to the neighbors' house for the afternoon on Sunday and I made beady goodness and watched football.

Ahhhh the good old (pre-kid) days. I almost got to remember what it was like when that was how I spent entire weekends.

I'm thinking that the peaceful environment was good for the Muse, too. At least I'm not embarrassed by these pieces. Most of them are at least okay.

Nothing too exciting here - just the earrings to match the Nevada Lapis necklace I made a couple of weeks ago.

I'm trying to play around with my photgraphy lack-of-skills to see if I can get better - or at least more interesting - pictures. I still can't quite get the colors in these stones to show up well. They're so gorgeous in real life and the lavender is much brighter.

I made these earrings with some wonderful beads from Sue Beads. Then I saw a picture on her blog of a bracelet that another artist did with a similar bead and I wished I'd been more creative with them.

But, I knew I had these cute little silver sand dollar charms and they just seemed like they wanted to be together.

I think maybe the one thing I ought to change is the crystal at the top. I considered doing something in red or coral to pick up the murrini accent on the beads, but it seemed too strong. I have some glass rondelles that are more of the "sand" color in the lampwork beads those may work instead.

I loved this set of lampwork beads. The colors are just delicious.

I added in some Bali silver beads and spacers to try to mimic the "dot" pattern on the teal beads.

Originally, I had planned to put more crystals on this, but as I started working on it, the silver Bali beads just wanted to be feature more in the design and once I did that, it seemed like too much to add more crystals.

So, I put one at the back next to the clasp.

More photography fiddling. I wouldn't use this as a main picture, but I kind of like the perspective of looking out over the necklace.

And a really nice closeup of the beads. Isn't that dark teal color just yummy?

I wish I had more to post about, but yesterday was pretty boring. An insane amount of work at the day job and came home with intense pain in my right neck and shoulder (been an ongoing thing for a few months). I got the photos done and edited and the pizza ordered (thank goodness for Dominoe's!) and the kid and I munched and watched some football together. Did the laundry and the dishes. Got the kid to bed and then I cuddled up with a few Advil tablets and a heating pad on my shoulder.

Waaaayyy overslept this morning - after a REALLY bad (and really WEIRD) dream. It was so bad and weird that I am definitely not blogging about it except to say that it was about 10 minutes after I woke up that I realized it hadn't been real. I hate that lingering feeling where your waking brain has to figure out that it was, in fact, just a dream. Yeesh!

Also, there's something about oversleeping and then having to race through your morning routine at triple speed that just sets the wrong tone for the day. You just know it's not going to go well at all.

On that happy note...hope everyone ELSE has a good day!



dochoamom said...

Actually Kelly, I like the earrings the way they are. It draws the eye up. If you were to change anything I would add a sand colored thing below the bead... but really not needed!!... It gives me a thought of sand falling through an hourglass...

Ah the days of the kid-free zone... I have those more but always interrupted by text messages that say "Mom, if D's mom takes us to the mall can you pick us up?" or "Mom can you take me and my 5 friends to the skatepark in Irwindale and come back and get us?" in my 4 passenger car... LOL

Love, Deb

Silver Parrot said...

Deb - Mine's not old enough for a phone or texting, but I'm sure that's in my future. Glad you like the earrings as is.

lunedreams said...

I love the last piece in the grass green and ocean blue! I've wanted forever to do something in those colors (and I have a sh%tpile of both), tried it and just couldn't make it work. Took it apart. You knocked it out of the park! Luscious. Makes me want to try again.

Marie Cramp said...

I looked really carefully at your photos and I think my fave is the one with that special angle, you really see the chain and it almost gives it a 3D look. I never think to use my lampwork beads like that.

BTW Thanks for the advice, I may have to try that.I think the hook would be betyter for that bracelet than the lobster claw though.


The Joy of Nesting said...


I agree with Deb the earrings are just smashing and the perfect image od a huge red/white beach umbrella on the beach with the ocean behind!! I can't imagine how the beads could look any better!!

Pattie ;)
Mazatlan Mx.

Ruralrose said...

concur about the earrings - love the old wood background, i use that too - peace

Silver Parrot said...

Lune - I wish I could say I was responsible for the color scheme, but the lampworker who made those gorgeous beads did the hard work on that. I'm just responsible for buying 'em and shoving 'em onto headpins. Oh, and I have a giant load of beads in the whole blue/green/aqua family, too. I've really got to branch out into other colors sometime soon.

Silver Parrot said...

Marie - Glad you liked the pic. I just had to start moving away from my same old boring gray felt background.

On the clasp issue - I'm always afraid to use hook clasps on bracelets for security reasons so I always go for the lobster ;-)

Silver Parrot said...

Pattie & Rural - Glad you like the earrings. I guess I'm getting enough votes that say "leave 'em alone" that that's what I'm going to do. Plus, I really hate re-doing projects so now I don't have to :-)

Jacaranda Designs said...

Very pretty designs ! You've been really busy :-)