Thursday, September 17, 2009

Rings & Things September Playtime

Thanks to the wonderful people at Rings & Things and their awesome blog partner program, I gots me some freebie stuff to play with this month:

A great selection of prong bails and briolette caps in various finishes (silver, gunmetal, etc.)

Which, of course, meant that I needed a selection of crystals to go with them. Swarovski De-Art pendants in two different sizes and 3 colors: crystal AB, silver shade and Montana blue.

And one really whopping silver shade De-Art crystal pendant. It may be a bit bigger in real life than I thought it was - I seem to have a size perception problem when I order beads on-line. It doesn't matter if I have a chart handy and the sizes are listed, I'm continually surprised by bead being either larger or smaller in real life than I had imagined from their photos. It's something wonky with my brain-eye connection, I'm sure.

So, why did I pick these items to order when I could've gotten anything in the catalog? I kinda sorta have an idea based on a vague memory of an illustration from a Hans Christian Andersen book I had as a child.

That's all the hint you get - we'll see if I can make this come to life.



SueBeads said...

Can't wait to see what it is!

dochoamom said...

Those look totally yummy can't wait to see...


Marie Cramp said...

I have wanted to try those components for awhile now. Let me know how you like them. Can't wait to see what you make.

{swuilbo ???}
let me know if you can figure out what that

mairedodd said...

good luck! i love when you have a memory to build on... silver shade is one of my favorite swarovski colors (golden shadow too)... have fun!

Dave Robertson said...

These crystals and bails are going to make some fun combinations... :) Can't wait to see where your fairytale inspiration takes you!