Thursday, September 03, 2009

Kids say the darndest things...

This post was supposed to have pictures of a new necklace I created yesterday, but I just didn't have the time or energy to get it photographed last night. get two funny kid stories and some bead pics instead.

Kid Story #1:

Kid: "Mommy, what's Mozart?"

Me: "Mozart is the name of a man who lived a very long time ago and wrote beautiful music. His music is so special that we still listen to it today."

Kid: "You mean like 'Stairway to Heaven?'"

Kid Story #2:

(after listening to the song "Rock Lobster" on the car radio)

Kid: "Mommy, I think I know what the Rock Lobster is."

Me: "Oh really? What is it?"

Kid: "Well, it's either a lobster that looks like a rock's a lobster that gets down with the beat, yo."

Okay, well, *I* thought they were both funny. Maybe you had to be there.

Anyway, on to the bead pics:

I liked my first flower pendant from The Classic Bead so much that I bought more.

The colors were just too beautiful to pass up.

This cute pair will be perfect for earrings. They are from Lazy Cat Beads. When I first bought them, I thought they were etched, but I was surprised to discover upon their arrival that they aren't. Still perfectly yummy looking, though.

Some of Summers Studios beautiful lentil beads!

It's been so awfully hot around here that it was nice to get my own personal "snowflake" delivered - and in a nice, cool blue color, too.

Okay, that's it for me. It's the Labor Day weekend now AND I have Tuesday off for the first day of the kidlet's school. Can't believe he's starting first grade!

Everyone have a safe and happy holiday weekend.


P.S. Thanks for all the congrats about the "Bead Trends" acceptance. I've been in it a number of times now, but it's still a thrill!


SummersStudio said...

Your kid rocks! Thanks for the beady mention!!!!

dochoamom said...

KJ, That was a good one... I saw Bead Trends at the book store yesterday and looked to see if you were there...and yes there you were...!!! beautiful piece was it "Gaia" I told Missy I met her and shes famous... she just rolled her eyes... what do you want for 14going on 17... Enjoying my earrings... Claudia still hasn't managed to get them...

Love, Deb

TesoriTrovati said...

It's always a thrill to be published...and the congrats is still sincere no matter how old hat it is!
Those comments are totally funny! Especially the Rock Lobster, yo!
You really do have no filters when it comes to shopping do you? A sister after my own heart! Enjoy the holidays Kelly!

Silver Parrot said...

Summers - You're welcome. And yes, he does know how to get down with the beat, yo.

Silver Parrot said...

Deb - you are too funny. Glad you are enjoying the earrings.

Silver Parrot said...

Erin - Sadly, my shopping filters were either never installed or were disabled early on. I really do have a problem and need to stop (okay, slow down), but I need all these creative people to quit making so many beautiful beads that I just HAVE to have. I guess we are sisters in more ways than one, eh?