Wednesday, September 09, 2009

Back to School!

Kidlet started 1st grade yesterday. I can't believe he's old enough to be in first grade. Here's his report of how the day went:

Favorite part of 1st grade: recess (you knew that was coming, right?)

Favorite part of CLASSROOM TIME (my attempt to make the question more specific): coloring (what? the kid usually HATES coloring!)

Did anything interesting happen?: Savannah chased me all through recess and said she's going to chase me again tomorrow.

**Update**: Just got a call from the school nurse. Seems kidlet is in the office this morning getting ice put on his arm for scrapes and bruises. Apparently, Savannah kept her promise to chase him again. Sigh.

As for my Labor Day weekend, you'd think I would have had time to make a lot of jewelry, right? Nope. I got absolutely NOTHING creative done whatsoever.

Friday was "meet the teacher" day at the school - you find out which teacher your child will have and get an opportunity to meet him or her. On the blacktop. In the sun. On one of the hottest days of the year.

Yeah, it was REALLY FUN.


I think they were hoping that most of the parents would just pass out from heatstroke and therefore not be able complain about which class/teacher their children got assigned to.

We managed to make it through without keeling over - until we got home. Rested for a while and then went out to dinner with my mom and afterwards looked at carpet samples at Lowe's. Yes, I still haven't replaced the flooring that was destroyed by the flood back in March. Mom didn't like any of the things I was looking at originally and wanted to teach me how to find "good quality carpet."


Saturday was Tae Kwon Do in the morning and then pool party and then dinner and movie with my mom and the kidlet. We saw "Ponyo." The art and animation were really beautiful, but otherwise, it was kind of a weird movie and definitely showed some behavior on the part of the mother that I wasn't too thrilled with. She drives all crazy and dangerous, she gets drunk on beer and passes out and she leaves two 5-year-old children alone in a house during the middle of a massive storm.

Like I said - weird.

Sunday was pool party and bbq at my brother's house. We made our own pizzas and put them on the grill. I'd never done that before, but they turned out really well. My sister-in-law buys the dough at Trader Joe's - it's got some herbs mixed in it so it's really yummy. The boys had a blast rolling out their own dough and putting their own toppings on and then you just slap the whole thing on the grill for a few minutes.

Monday was back-to-school shopping day. And yes, I did leave it until the last minute because I am Super Mom (not). So, of course, Target was mostly sold out of the supplies that were on the school's list and I ended up having to go to a couple of other stores. The lines were MASSIVE - guess I am not the only Super Mom/procrastinator out there. The kidlet was behaving really well, though, so I took him out to lunch and to get frozen yogurt and then we went to the book store, too.

I did have yesterday afternoon off after I took him to school and I went and got myself a pedicure. Then, I planned to eat lunch and make jewelry. Really, I did. Had all my supplies laid out and the project planned and everything...and then I fell asleep and slept the entire afternoon.

I am officially a total slug. Oh, but it felt soooooo good. Just something about having the house completely to myself and quiet and not having to worry about whether or not the quiet means the kid is doing something he's not supposed to be doing was AWESOME.

The only thing I did manage to accomplish was to take pictures of the necklace I completed LAST week:

I wish I could get a better shot of the colors in these stones. The lavender in them is really much brighter and prettier in real life. They almost glow.

The stones are the Nevada lapis that I bought several weeks ago at the new bead store and then I mixed them with boro glass teardrops from Unicorne Beads, some lavender Swaro crystals and some Bali vermeil spacers and a toggle clasp.

Even with Photoshop, I couldn't get the colors to look more realistic. It's so frustrating.

This is the best shot I could get, but it's still not quite right. I just have to resign myself that I will never win any awards for my photography LOL!

I'm planning to make some matching earrings and I may even have enough beads left over for a bracelet to complete the set. We'll see.

That's it for today. Hope everyone had a wonderful weekend off!



Marie Cramp said...

Fantastic necklace!! Can't wait to see the matching stuff. We have it made school wise up here. The schools just ask for a few more dollars and they supply ALL the school supplies. They get them way cheaper than we would and only charge us what they are worth. The best part...everyone has the same stuff, so no one is "cooler" than someone else. I really like that.

I can not wait to experience the silence you mentioned, 3 more years...


SueBeads said...

Blues and purples are just hard to photograph (I learned that from the engineer who is pretty good at photography). I'm glad school started too, although the driving around is driving me crazy. Luckily I have a mom and dad nearby to help. Sounds like you do too!